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Posted 10 December, 2015 by Clearly
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Prepare to be blown away


If there was a smart phone app that provided your life with a safety net, you’d probably download it. Twice.

Maybe more.

It would be manufactured by “Crystal Ball” software and available for download on iTunes. Its purpose would be to mitigate your risks of anything from a bad day to an untimely death.

This safety net app would provide you with peace of mind. You get that when you lock your gate. You have some sense of protection when you lock your car. But what kind of protection do you have for your self-worth? Your dignity?  When it comes to protecting your financial future against catastrophic consequences brought on by illness and death, this app has no peer.



Even he might find the app useful


This app lets you access numerous plans and various subscription models. You could select a plan that gives you safety for a specific time frame. You could compliment that with a lifelong plan with lifelong subscriptions. You could even get investment returns by using this app.

When times are good, the app lets you set aside reserves for a raining day. When times are bad, the app prevents the worst from ever happening: Total Financial Disaster.

The developers of the app know that some people don’t have much money to set aside for peace of mind. They designed plans for as low as a dollar a day,  yet worth hundreds of thousands in safety net. They know life is risky, and there is no avoiding it. There is only planning for it, because bad things do happen to good families.



Because probability is blind, that’s why


The application suits a wide range of audiences. Singles, young professionals, married couples, and retirees. All of them have something to gain from downloading the app, be it protection against illness or even against the risk of living too long. Yes you heard that right, living too long.

It is most alarming that despite the apparent and intrinsic benefits that this app provides, most people dismiss it as a luxury, or even a hoax, or ploy to profit some unknown corporation. Others don’t understand how it benefits them and never even begin a subscription.

One review left on the app store goes like this:

Downloaded it since 2009. Did absolutely nothing for me. Just paid up my monthly dues and got nothing in return. But when doctors found a golf ball sized lump residing in my left cranium two years ago, treatment was totally paid for and I could concentrate on recovery and getting my life back. Now I make my wife and 2 daughters download the app as well.  


This safety net app has the ability to replace the reality that you once had but it is now gone. It cannot replace a loved one, but it will replace the income that you may have depended on and it can help you keep your family intact. The benefits it provide can help with all sorts of living expenses from covering a house mortgage to paying school tuition.

Peace of Mind. Dignity. Financial Stability. All these just with one app.

What are you waiting for? Download it today. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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