4 reasons why she rejected your proposal

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With sweat dripping down your palm, you held the box ever more tightly.
You stared lovingly into her eyes, while still kneeling down.
She looked away, picked up his purse and muttered:





You could not understand why.
This diamond ring definitely cost more than 3-4 times of your monthly pay, which you were told, was the gold standard for proposal ring.

Next Scene


Tearing open your envelope, you quickly glanced through the content.
The insurer was responding to your insurance proposal.
It was a rather long letter but a single word stood out.




Two slaps on your face in a single day.
And you could understand neither.

Well, we can help you understand the insurance part.
Heck, let us try to explain both!


Pre Existing Conditions




If you happen to have a serious ailment, it may be the reasons why your proposal is rejected.
Insurance companies are not charity so they do not insure those who they consider high risk.
Alternatively, they may just exclude that pre-existing condition from the coverage.


Likewise when you have a disease, it may just be the reason why the girl declines your proposal.
Especially if your disease is a life-threatening and communicable one.
Let’s be honest here – you may have done the same if the situation is reversed.


High coverage amount


No money, no honey

No money, no honey

When your proposal coverage is way too high for your income, your application may be turned down.
This is to prevent moral risk.
Someone may purchase a high coverage insurance so that they may ‘die’ a year later so as to have a claim for his family.

We are not even saying that your stead is materialistic.
It’s just being practical.
In modern Singapore, hardly anyone will starve for love anymore.
If you do find one, he or she is one-in-a-million.


Incomplete / dishonest proposal form




If you have not heard of utmost good faith, here is a good place to start.
Insurers have little tolerance for misinformation.

In the event that you manage to conceal certain material details from the insurer at proposal, the insurer has the right to deny you your claim based on that lie.
Basically, honesty is the best policy.

For your marriage proposal, do we have to even explain this?
You have been fooling on the outside
Do you really expect her not to know and accept you as legal partner?


Hazardous occupation


A brave fireman


Same as first point, you are deemed to be too dangerous to be insured.
Your job as a sky-diving stuntman is great fun but it also make you un-insurable.
The risk that the job carries is simply too high for some insurance companies to take a chance upon.
Being with you is exciting and thrilling as you live life on the edge.
Just like your job.
However, for some people, they like to feel safe and secured when it come to their spouse.
Unfortunately, you are not that. At least your job isn’t that.


Drawing parallels






We find it amazing to be able to find some many common grounds for two different rejections.
Be it in insurance or in marriage, it is usually a rationale decision.

You need to either change or just accept that life is simply unfair.
No one is marrying or insuring you without considering all the factors.

If you are dishonest or having a dangerous job, you may consider a change.
You can lower your proposed coverage amount so that the insurer may accept it.
Should you exercise and stay healthy, your partner may grow to accept you.

May you find your true love soon.
Meanwhile, you may find this useful to get yourself insured


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