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We recaptioned our past articles. And they are Memetastic!

Psst! What is our favourite thing to do, besides writing about insurance?
Clue: Take a look at our Facebook page. Yes, the obvious secret is out – we have a fetish for memes.

Although we have previously crafted our own insurance memes here, we feel that more can be done.
This idea hits us hard.
Why not revisit our past blog posts and turned them into memes?
Thus, we have created funny insurance memes as alternative captions to the different articles.

Did we just make insurance easy & fun?
Oh yes, we did!


My friend is selling me Insurance – what should I do?


An old friend, whom you have not met for some time, calls you and makes arrangement to meet.
Your joy turns into disappointment when he starts selling insurance policies.


Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/educate-yourself/my-friend-is-selling-me-insurance-what-should-i-do/



3 important lessons that you can take away from Sally Low’s despicable fraud


We suck at photoshop.
Just like how Sally sucks at insurance ethics.


Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/pitfalls-to-avoid/3-important-lessons-that-you-can-take-away-from-sally-lows-despicable-fraud/



One day, she wasn’t fine at all


Andrea was fine.
She wasn’t fine the next day.
And an insurance policy (and agent) saved her life.


Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/guest-contributions/one-day-she-wasnt-fine-at-all/



I am a smoker. Should I declare when buying insurance?


Declare that you are a smoker and pay a higher premium.
Should you lie about it?
We help you to make a decision.


Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/educate-yourself/i-am-a-smoker-should-i-declare-when-buying-insurance/



Unable to obtain Insurance due to existing health conditions?


Do you have chronic illnesses?
These two plans may just be what you need.


Read about AIA Pro Lifetime Protector here and Prudential PruVital Cover here.



The buffet table is now closed – What will become of us?


A local meme for a uniquely Singapore situation.
Pay more premium, get less benefit. *suck thumb*


Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/essential-reading/the-buffet-table-is-now-closed/



My Financial Planner is new to the Industry: Should I give him a chance?


New =/= noob.
We tell you why having an advisor who is a newbie may not be bad news.



Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/educate-yourself/my-financial-planner-is-new-to-the-industry-should-i-give-him-a-chance/



Tears, Hardship, and Constant Rejection: The Tale of an ex Insurance Agent


For those insurance advisors still hustling, we feel you.
Doing the right thing is always not easy.


insurance meme

Read this at https://www.clearlysurely.com/blog/real-lives-real-stories/tears-hardship-and-constant-rejection-the-tale-of-an-ex-insurance-agent/


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