No money to buy Life Insurance? Here’s 5 ways you can help yourself

Posted 20 October, 2020 by Clearly
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Money no enough.

We feel you fam.

Especially when it comes to Life Insurance, it can be extra hard to cough up the cash for a purchase that cannot produce a tangible benefit, at least in the near future.


But consider the alternative: when you desperately need Life Insurance, it will already be too late to purchase it. And that is when the financial consequence will hit the hardest, so you’re gonna be plain out of luck.


In this article, we’re gonna cover 5 practical ways you can find that money you need, and you can proceed to make your own luck.



Remember to thank us someday.


1. Stop telling yourself that lie


Seriously, stop. You’re doing more harm than good to yourself.

We’ve heard it all:


Insurance is so expensive
Premiums keep going up
Couple of thousand dollars a year, how to afford?


Yes, insurance premiums can be a real drag. It is daunting to commit to something long term for which you cannot see any immediate, tangible benefit.

So lying is your mind’s way of self-justification: No money, can’t afford it, and probably can do without it anyway. End of story.



Here’s why we say that is a lie:

Life insurance provides financial protection. The more you earn, the more protection you need, and the more it costs. The reverse is also true. So for someone who “isn’t earning that much”, your insurance costs are going to be lower too.

Majority of people we’ve helped found that they could actually afford insurance, and comfortably so.


So as long as you’re earning an income, and literally not struggling to make ends meet, it is very much certain that you can well afford protection. It can feel like a real drag, but you can Well. Afford. It.


(If you belong to the minority group that really has no spare cash to purchase insurance, reach out to us here. Let us figure a way to help you out)



2. Track your expenses and cut them relentlessly


Netflix. Spotify. Gym memberships. Sports apparel. Starbucks coffee. Grab food. Grab (no one uses go-jek in these parts). In-game purchases. Fast food.

You’ll be surprised at where your money goes into, if you place a homing device on each and every dollar that goes out of your account.

As a practical exercise, we challenge you to track all your expenses for a week, even more religiously than a Scientologist at a Tom Cruise sermon.



Once you have a clear idea on where your money really goes, the excuse “I have no money for insurance” evaporates into thin air.

To be clear, everyone has indulges that they spend their money on – there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a Spotify account, ordering from Grabfood, or making in-game purchases, but this exercise is really meant to demonstrate how much disposable income are we really spending on things that are discretionary.


If you really need to free up some cash to purchase some policies, at least now you know where to look.




3. Use the CS platform


In case you didn’t know, we have a great platform for you to embark on your own financial discovery journey. (Read about it here)

Not only is it fun and educational (we show you how much coverage you need!), we also give you cash rebates for any policies that you buy with the assistance from our agent partners.

So yes, we literally made Life Insurance cheaper for you.

There are also other perks involved, so don’t miss out!


With a mascot this cute, you can’t go wrong


Create your own account for free.


4. Work with a trusted agent to figure out the products you really need


It’s really been an age-old industry problem that has yet to be solved – because of the prevailing commission model, agents do have a financial incentive to sell you as much as they can.

The monetary gains can be too tempting for some, which we constantly hear of misspelling or even outright fraud from many of those in the profession.


Just remember.. the more you insurance you buy, the richer I get


If you have a trusted insurance agent that you know, do work closely with him or her to understand exactly what coverage shortfalls you have, and how best to address them within your budget.

(If you do not have a trusted agent yet, we will recommend one to you upon completion of your Financial Discovery Journey)

At the very least, arm yourself with some idea on how much you might expect to pay with this article here.


How much should I spend on Insurance each month? [An elegant answer]


Our mantra here would be: Trust but verify.


5. Keep up a healthy lifestyle


Healthy people pay less in premiums, you know this already.

So if you find yourself being charged a lot more for insurance because of your health factors, then it might also be a good time to re-look into your lifestyle and health in general.

Two of the most easily adjustable risk factors would be your BMI and smoking status. So get into a healthy weight range, and stub that cigarette for good!



Do you still find yourself not being able to afford insurance? We wanna hear about your personal experience in the comments below! is a refreshing new way to approach Life Insurance – with humour and fun, bound together by imagination.

Our Financial Discovery Platform provides hours of entertainment while providing an overall view of your insurance adequacy.

If you’re curious about how we can make a dry subject nearly as wholesome as Keanu Reeves, join our community today

We have been eradicating the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance since 2015, and have a vision that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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