Ready for a Smart Insurance Wallet?

Posted 3 July, 2017 by Clearly
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A wallet is a place where you store many important things. Most of us keep credit cards, our IC, cash, and a cherished picture or two in our wallets.

So it isn’t too much of a stretch to want to store our policy details in a wallet as well. Enter, (pronounced EYE-O-LO) who created their own portal that allows users to store and navigate their policy information online.



The way technology should be used


A Clear View of all your Policies


We tried it out and are impressed by the attention paid to details throughout the site. A user can simply fill in the required policy details or opt to upload the screen shots of policy certificates.



One screen, one clear view


Something that stood out for us was the promotions section, where on-going promotions for various insurance products are listed out and ready to be taken advantage of.



Hunting for deals should no longer be part of the equation


More than just storage


Speaking with founder Alvin Yeo, was created as a social mission to provide people with more tools to manage their own policies. Unlike other policy storage apps that only aim to store details, a big part of Iolo is also dedicated to helping users file claims.



Online and omnipresent


The site has been helping its users do that since October 2016, and has been assisting with General Insurance claims for free.


Let us Chit Chat about Chat bots


Incredibly, there is so much more that Iolo has to offer. Heard of chat bots? Well Iolo is really in the business of helping to train them. From policy clauses and wordings, to claims and purchases, chat bots are being coached to handle all of them even as you read this paragraph.

It secured its first corporate customer in the form of Singcapital, an advisory firm which launched it own compare site called Comparekaki. Believe it or not, the chat bot has been deployed and fully operational on their facebook page.




One bot to rule them all


A new vision for Insurance


Speaking with Alvin over coffee, it is easy to get infected with his enthusiasm for the future.

If you buy, you must know – that is his mantra when it comes to policy purchases. He is building a world where there is on-demand information available to policy holders in a moments’ notice, without the need to dial in and press 1 for English.

We still buy through humans for sure, but we should use bots to obtain the correct information. recognizes a fellow insurance trailblazer when we see one. And the possibilities are endless – purchase, storage, retrieval, claims, emergency assistance – there is so much more in the world of Insurance that needs to be changed.

What better way to begin than to start right here.


>>Try out today<< aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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