It’s fun to be rewarded for not making a claim [Also a reality now – by Vouch]

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Don’t you hate to be responsible for someone’s elses mistakes or actions?


I know I do.

That colleague of yours who goes over-zealous in a meeting and promises the moon and the stars – but you end up being the one who has to deliver.

That “friend” of yours that promises to go on a trip together – but flakes out at the last minute because “his goldfish caught a cold”. Guess who is left holding the bag?

The server in a restaurant who misheard your order – and you’re stuck with 2 extra servings of clam chowder. Hope you are a big fan of soup!


This has always been a problem in Insurance – especially so for Motor Insurance


For insurance, premiums have always been calculated as a huge group of people, who are assumed to have homogeneous risks and behavior.

For example, if you belong to the age group of 21-25 male drivers, then your premiums are significantly higher than say an age of group that is 15 or 20 years older. This is because younger male drivers on the whole, are deemed (and statistically proven) to get into more accidents. Hence everyone in that age group is charged more.


This may not be how you drive, but you could well be paying for it all the same


It doesn’t matter if you are the safest young driver around – you are still “penalized” simply for being classified as a young driver.

That sucks.


Enter Vouch – The Platform that rewards you for safe driving


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have some control over our premiums, especially if we take the extra effort to drive safely?

Vouch is the platform that was born out of this idea. Regardless of your age or motor insurance premiums, you get to band together with like-minded people whose aim is to drive safely and not make any claims as far as possible.



In addition to any No Claims Discount (NCD) that the insurer gives, Vouch also rewards you with up to 15% of your annual premium for driving safely.


That sounds interesting! What’s the process like?


We document the 4 elegant steps presented on the Vouch website.


1. Buy your Policy – via Vouch

Head over to the site and create an account. You will be prompted for your details like so:



You will then receive quotes from different insurers, which currently are NTUC Income, Sompo, and Tokio Marine.

Go ahead to make your purchase. 15% of your annual premium will then be set aside as a reward for safe driving. (You don’t pay anything extra. It is called the NCR – No Claims Rebate)


2. Join a Group

Think of them as your driving kakis. One for all, all for one.

You will automatically be enrolled in a public group – probably people that are just as interested as you in staying safe, and getting up to 15% of their annual premiums back for not claiming.


Let our powers combine – and huat ah!


Prefer to form your own group? That’s also possible via a private group in Vouch. Who knows, there could be a Hello Kitty fan group in there! (I’m totally down for that, don’t judge)

Within the group, everyone’s NCR is aggregated.


3. Drive Safely


(Short for Drive Ultra Heedfully)

The best case scenario? Everyone in your group does the same, and no one makes a claim. For each claim made, the available pool of NCR decreases. (It drops by up to $2000 for each claim made, depending on claim amount)


4. Kaching, baby

End of the policy year, the available NCR for the pool you are in is tallied and distributed.

If everyone in your pool does not make a claim – that is the full 15% of your annual premium heading your way via cheque.



If there were claims paid out, then each person’s NCR will decrease correspondingly.



What we like – and what we would like to see


There is literally no downside as a driver. You’ve got to pay premiums anyway, so why not take advantage of the potential upside?

And this encourages safe driving – which can be argued to be the more invaluable reward. Not only for yourself, but for all road users!

Our minor gripe?

Right now 3 Insurers are on board, which may be a hassle if you’ve already been insured with another company. Hopefully there are plans for Vouch to expand on their list of participating insurers.

Definitely worth a look right here:


>> Take a tour of the platform that rewards: Vouch << aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

We would like to thank Vouch for inviting us to review their services – and can wholeheartedly get behind such an initiative. (Save us a place in the safest group of drivers in your pool please. And drop me a line when there is a Hello Kitty fan pool)

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