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Clutching his train ticket tightly in one hand and his briefcase in the other, Tom headed towards the exit of Iarnród Éireann station. He was starting his professional career in Ireland, having secured a prestigious overseas stint. The expatriate package was generous indeed but the real prize lies in being able to claim he was a part of Google, in the tech capital of the world, no less.

But there had been some unique challenges, many of which he did not foresee.

Getting a decent accommodation had been nothing but a pain. Less than a fortnight after leaving Singapore, homesickness already crept up on him like a chill.

The Irish were friendly but nothing beat the warmth of his own family. While Tom relishes the chewy taste of Black Pudding (an Irish breakfast favourite), he still hankers after an aromatic Kaya toast. But food, family, and lodgings were small problems compared to what came next.

As Tom scanned the surroundings for directions, he inadvertently missed a step. Thrown off balance by surprise, his hands flailed to grasp the railings – in vain. He crumpled up in pain as he landed awkwardly on his left leg.

A few kind-hearted passers-by help him up.  A good guess would be a fracture. A gentle half step confirms it. He curses his bad luck while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

A severe fall on his first month at work in a foreign land.
It is a nightmare.
The one and only silver lining?

He had the foresight to obtain coverage under International Medical Insurance (IMI).


A prolonged hospitalization stay made affordable


The diagnosis is grave – Comminuted fractures of tibia and fibula.
It will take Tom months to achieve full recovery.
Worse, he has to undergo surgery to realign the bones so that they can be properly healed.

A thousand and one thoughts ran through his mind, many of them unpleasant.
Could he walk normally in the future?
How will his new boss react?
Will that pretty lass in the office visit him?

But the question of affordability never once crossed his mind.
Save for the deductible and coinsurance, the bills will be paid in full by his IMI policy.
We are talking not only about the hospital ward stay but all the associated bills.

Surgeon charges.
Theatre fees.
Diagnostic tests.


international medical insurance

It does not cover this type of theatre though.


And these items can add up to tens of thousands of Euros.
Without having to worry about the payment, Tom can focus on what really matters at this point – full recovery.


Cushioning the fall


Besides taking care of the entire hospital expenses, IMI takes good care of Tom in many other ways.
As Tom had selected a plan that entitles him to a single bed ward, he is able to recuperate in complete peace.
He does not have to entertain an inquisitive room-mate or share the bathroom with someone else.

Tom is not alone though.
IMI dispenses a daily accommodation benefit for Tom’s mother who has rushed over to Ireland upon receiving the news of his bad fall.
It is a great lift to Tom’s morale to be able to enjoy his Mum’s home-cooked food and companionship even in an Irish hospital.


Just ask Schooling on the importance of hometown food!

Just ask Schooling on the importance of hometown food!


For each day that Tom has to be hospitalized, he receives a cash benefit.
That helps to pay for the miscellaneous non-medical expenses such as rent, phone bills, etc.

Being injured in a foreign land is never easy.
While all these fringe benefits are not critical, they all add up to alleviate Tom’s hardships.
When things go awry, it is these little positives that he can take heart from.




At this point, you may be wondering why not get an annual travel insurance.
It is much cheaper.
And it has more than just medical coverage.

Travel insurance is usually intended to cover short-term visits, not long-term residents.
It provides coverage so that you may receive emergency assistance overseas but it expects you to come back home as soon as possible.

On the other hand, IMI allows you to stay, work and continue your treatment in a foreign country.
The medical expenses limit for IMI is much higher than a travel insurance. (Most Travel Insurances have a limit of 250 – 500k, but IMI start from 650k – 2million, some even have no limit!)

It also covers a much wider range of medical contingencies, as evidenced by Tom’s experience.

And we are not even halfway through the benefits yet.




The Unbelievable Follow-Up Package


“Congrats Tom, you can go home now.”
Dr McCallum spoke without looking up from his clipboard which is covered completely by illegible scribbling. His strong accent was matched only by his full beard.

“Great. Except I do not have an actual home here.”

Tom quips internally while extending his hand to Dr McCallum.
It was a wonderful start to the brand new week.
He can finally leave the medical facility.

The journey to full recovery does not end here.
It is only the beginning.

Although the fracture is healing ahead of schedule, Tom does not take his rehabilitation lightly.
He works diligently through all the exhausting exercises while being guided by his physiotherapist.
A lot of fracture patients tend to stop going for rehab as each session is costly.
Tom does not have to worry about the costs because his IMI policy is paying for them.

The policy will also pay for a home nurse if the doctor recommends for one.
Thankfully for Tom, he does not need one.
What he does need is a wheelchair.
Oh yes, that is also paid for by insurance.

In order to ensure that Tom’s recovery is on the right track, he has to attend a few follow-up sessions with the Orthopaedic specialist.
The cost?

Because it is fully covered.

After seeing for herself that Tom is now able to ambulate with the help of clutches, his mother decides to return back to Singapore.
Tom is amazed that his mum is entitled to claim for her flight home.

What a great decision it was to purchase this policy!




Be it for work, leisure or a meaningful cause.
Whether you are going to a developed city or a war-torn 3rd world country.
If you are going to spend a considerably long time away from your home nation, IMI plan is an absolute necessity.

It is never easy to live in a foreign land.
Everything is different from what you are used to.
The people, the weather, the food and the societal norms.



How you display your numbers differs from country to country. Lt Hicox learns it the hard way.


You are likely alone, without the support of your family and friends.
Arranging for a short-term rental while not speaking the same native language is both arduous and frustrating.
Not to mention that your new boss demands nothing but the best from you.

With a myriad of medical benefits, an IMI policy not only provides you with the assurance that your medical needs are properly taken care of, but also allows you to focus on why you are there.
Just like how IMI plan has helped Tom to return to full mobility and ease back to being a star performer at his new workplace in spite of the unlucky fall.



A plan that never stops giving!


Tom is up and running, literally and figuratively speaking.
He is able to jog every morning without pain.
Just like his recovery, his work performance is impeccable.

He excels in every single project he is assigned.
Like clockwork.
But even a well-oiled machine will break down someday.
Tom falls ill from time to time as he often forgets to have proper meals and exercise due to work.
The occasional flu like everyone else.

However, his IMI policy never forgets.
When Tom has to make a visit to his family doctor, he is able to seek reimbursements from his insurance from its outpatient benefits.

That is not all the perks.
TCM, Chiropractor, dietician, homoeopath, osteopath, podiatrist and speech therapist are some alternative medical services that are included in the package.
Regular medical examinations and vaccinations can be claimed if Tom chooses to go for them.

And you may not believe this.
When Tom returns to Singapore, IMI follows him all the way home!
It is full coverage 24/7 and wherever Tom may be.



Unlike my telco coverage, IMI’s one is omnipresent.


Sounds great!
Where do I get it?


Tom’s experience shows the importance of having a comprehensive medical coverage when away from home.
Your Shield plan and Employee-Benefit insurance do not travel outside of Singapore.
Thus, it is rather important for expatriates, exchange students and anyone who is going overseas for a prolonged period of time to get an IMI.

IMI is a highly customised plan.
You get to choose the deductible (excess) amount as well as the co-insurance.
Even if you want to save on premium by having co-insurance, you can choose to cap the maximum out-of-pocket amount you are liable to pay in a policy year.

Does your new workplace offer you inpatient benefits?
If so, you may opt out of the same in your IMI to avoid double coverage.
Dental and optical coverage is also optional too.

With various options available, you will want to be able to mix and match the different options so that you can find a plan that is a perfect fit for your budget.
You will also want the convenience to do so quickly, anywhere and anytime.

Insurance Market is the platform that you are looking for.
When it comes to IMI, Insurance Market is truly THE marketplace that you have to visit.

Examine the benefits offered by each plan.
Compare the prices between different insurance providers.
Adjust the deductibles and coinsurance and get an instant quotation.

All of the above are available at Insurance Market.
The only thing you cannot do there is to haggle over prices.
Why bother anyway?
You already know that you are getting the best-fit plan at the best price possible at Insurance Market.


Returning home safe and sound.


After 2 years in Dublin, Tom ends his work tour and returns home.
He has enjoyed his overseas stint immensely, learned aplenty and managed to build a strong relationship with the top honchos in the head company.
Most importantly, he is healthy.

His experience is not waylaid by that horrific accident at the start of his overseas stint.
It could have been much worse.
But thanks to a brilliant dose of insurance planning, disaster has been averted.

International Medical Insurance.
Never leave home without it.

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