A Savings Plan without compromise… Too good to be true?

Posted 8 August, 2017 by Clearly
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Houston, we have a problem


We are a nation of savers. But we are facing a savings nightmare right now.

What exactly is keeping us up late at night?

Since you asked – here is the cold hard truth:

Bank Interest Rates are comatose, period. We are talking a vegetative rate of 0.05% per annum, and that is if you meet their minimum average balance.

Fixed Deposit rates are hardly much better, with 0.1 – 0.3% being the norm. Once in a blue moon, they could even breach the 1% mark –  but still not much to write home about.

Traditional Endowment Plans have their own set of problems. In exchange for NON-capital guaranteed returns, we have to put up with considerable periods of commitment. Not to mention sizable minimum premium requirements! (often more than 20k required over the entire tenure)


Sad Robot is sad

Sad Robot is sad


These seem to be our only choices.

Walk the plank of abysmal returns in return for flexibility, or be held hostage for big sums for long periods of time? (Only for the vague promise of potentially higher returns!)

So really, what is a saver going to do in these troubled times?


Singapore’s Hottest new Insurer has the answer



Cue FWD Insurance, which took Singapore by storm last year by revolutionizing Insurance as we know it. They took a staid old Industry and gave it a fresh breath of life by overhauling the entire experience – from near instant quotes to a refreshing new way to submit claims.

They launched their direct to consumer business with Travel and Car Insurance. Since then, FWD has rapidly expanded its product offerings to Maid Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and most notably Term Life Insurance.

And this is merely the tip of the Insurance revolution iceberg for them. Our collective savings prayers have been answered: they are unveiling their very own FWD Endowment plan.

Let’s take a closer look.


FWD Endowment’s Terrific Trio


From the folks that brought us the concept of lifetime NCD guarantee and claims via Whatsapp, we expect nothing less than magic. And true to form, FWD does not disappoint. Here are the 3 eye-popping propositions that make their plan truly outstanding.


The Highest Guaranteed Annual Returns (2.02%) for a 3-Year Endowment Plan

Hallelujah! They are giving the highest annual returns among all the 3-year endowment plans in Singapore – and that rate is guaranteed for the entire 3 years. Guaranteed, with a capital G. It may only be August now, but it sure feels like Christmas has come early. And yes, the commitment period is 3 years only. Not 12, not 10, not even 6 years.

Sure feels good to enjoy my returns before my hair turns white.



Easy entry amount (Single Premium): $1000

FWD is changing the way Singapore feels about insurance. They use technology to deliver products that are simple, reliable and direct. Their Plan is available online so you can get it anytime from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, with a minimum entry amount of $1000 SGD, it is truly an easy plan to kick off your savings journey.

Just who can take advantage of this? Pretty much everyone: students, young adults, working professionals, and retirees – even authors of Life Insurance blogs can afford it! (Speaking from experience)



Returns are capital guaranteed upon maturity

Uncertainty of returns will be a thing of the past. Savers like us crave surety and certainty – both of which this plan has in spades. Once the 3 years are up, we will get our returns no questions asked.(compounded returns, no less!)

And since this is an Insurance plan, you are protected as you save. What a time to be alive.


What next?


If you are still taking a moment to process what you just read, its perfectly natural. Deep, calm breaths will do the trick.

Let us summarize the FWD Endowment plan:

Highest Guaranteed returns among 3-year endowment plans currently available in Singapore
It has an easy entry amount of $1,000 (Single Premium)
The returns are guaranteed upon plan maturity.

How then to turn this savings dream into reality?

By taking action now, of course!


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FWD Does all


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This post is brought to you by FWD. All views and opinions presented in the article are those of www.ClearlySurely.com

  1. Federick

    Obviously this is a paid blog. If you withdraw early, you will lose money.

    Banks are paying up to 4% on deposits, which of course have a lot of caveats. But, you are able to get up to 1.5% with a one year commitment. Given that interest rates are expected to increase, why lock yourself in for a mere 2.02% and a 3 year commitment?

  2. No shit sherlock

    Wow, we have a genius in the house. He can even identify a paid post.

    Given that interest rates are expected to increase: Unless you are a certain janet yellen, or nostradamus incarnate, how do you even know?

    No central bank in the world is even *THINKING* about rising interest rates for fear of popping the bubble that is QE. But then again, you know many many things that most of us mortals don’t, right?

  3. Federick

    Obviously you don’t read the news much. The probability of rates moving up is higher than the the rates going down. This was not the case a few years ago.

    We should help the uninformed.

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