You don’t have to be rich to be properly insured

Posted 21 January, 2018 by Surely
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“I have no money for insurance.”
“Insurance is for rich folks only.”
“ClearlySurely is the best place for me to find out about life insurance.”

The first two sentences are patently untrue.
And the last one is definitely correct.
That is why we are going to disprove the idea that insurance is affordable with our very own features.



Sir, we need evidence.



To show that insurance is indeed affordable, we are going to give you a complete rundown of how a person is able to insure himself or herself properly within a reasonable budget.
With the help of our discovery robo-advisor and our Compare section, we can and will give you the proof that you need, you cynic!

Let us imagine this.
You are a 25 years old fresh graduate out of one of our “every school is a good school” education system.
Because you are just like every other good student out there, you get an average job.
And your boss is a mean one (pun intended) so you get what an average polytechnic graduate receives monthly.

$2,300 before taxes.
Sorry, I meant CPF.
Your take-home pay is $1,840.

With that amount, it seems that you cannot afford anything, let alone insurance.
That is why we are going to walk the walk and not just talk the talk and use numbers to show you why proper insurance coverage is doable.



Discover what you are really made of.



Head to our Discover section.
We are punching in some numbers so that you don’t need to.
Age 25, single female, non-smoker with a salary of $1,800.
And let us name her Emma because most people named Emma seem to be beautiful.

Let us make a reasonable assumption on Emma’s expenditure, shall we?
$500 for food, $300 on mobile/transports/internet/leisure.
She gives $300 to her parents because they are still working and her brother is also contributing his share.

Total expenditure: $1,100


Emma 1


We also assume that she has two adult dependents (her parents) even though they are financially independent at this point.
For the sake of completeness, the ages and upkeep amount are inputted as follows.


Emma 2

We are going to keep everything for the General Assumptions untouched not only because the defaults are set by our brilliant founder but also because he will be also editing this article (ah, the multi-tasking role of an entrepreneur)!

This summary tells us what Emma’s core insurance needs look like.


Emma 3


All in all, Emma has to obtain a $100k Critical Illness (CI) cover for herself, $400k death, TPD for her parents and a hospitalization plan.



Compare to get the best solutions.



Now that we are done finding out what exactly Emma needs to insure herself properly, we head over to our Compare section to find the most effective solutions. At this point, we are working on $700 budget so it is imperative for us to keep the cost down. Hence, our choice of coverage is term instead of whole life insurance.

With reference to CI coverage gap, we choose a term plan of $100k with CI benefit for a period of 40 years. Good news – Emma is able to obtain her $100k CI coverage at a cost of less than $300 a year. That is just $25/month.


Emma 4


Likewise, we choose a term plan for Death coverage. It takes just seconds for us to get the quotations that we need. It seems that it is possible to acquire $400k death and TPD coverage at an annual premium of $304.


Emma 5


An Integrated Shield Plan for A Ward in a government restructured hospital is fully payable by CPF Medisave for Emma. The most expensive rider will cost $250/year only.
With that, we are ready to conclude the final cost of insurance for Emma’s basic needs.

The total annual cost is $854.
That works out to $71.20 per month.
When taken as a percentage of Emma’s gross pay, it is a mere 3%.

That is even less than the GST tax!



How to have everything covered.



After spending $71.20 on her core needs, Emma can go shopping for cosmetics with her remaining $628.80. Since Emma is a natural beauty, she doesn’t need any of those crap.
She can save it up or spend a little more on her additional, good-to-have insurance coverage.
Emma turns to our Discover Bot to find out what benefits make sense for her.


Emma 6

Depending on her preferences, she should be spending another 7-10% of her pay cheque to protect her income as well as to protect herself from accidents and early Critical Illness.
And didn’t we mention that you should pay 7%-15% of your income on insurance before?

After accounting for her monthly expenditure and insurance expenses, Emma is still able to save 15%-20% of her take-home pay!
Not only does she gets to save, she is assured that her savings are buffered from the financial impact of any accidents or illnesses, should they strike.



Insurance – it cost less than you think.



We know there are naysayers out there telling you how expensive insurance is.
There are also some bad advisors out there who draw up a financial plan that exhausts your budget entirely because they earn a cut from every dollar that you spend on insurance.
Don’t believe in their lies!

We have proven it from the above example that you don’t have to be rich to be properly insured.
But don’t just take us at face value.
Because you can simply prove it to yourself.

Stop your guesswork.
Input your numbers into our Discover and Compare sections
Be blown away by how much proper coverage actually cost! aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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