Why positive thinking is leaving you unprotected. And how to solve it

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It has been recognized that positive visualization is a powerful weapon for successful people.
Top salespersons often have a mental picture of closing the deal.
World class athletes mediates as part of their preparation, imaging how they can achieve the gold.

Andy Murray, who is currently ranked 1st in the tennis, utilizes positive imaging.
Before his match at Wimbledon, he would visit the Centre Court to take in the sights, sounds and smell.
He would think of all the winning shots that he would made.


Showing the secret of his success


Man United striker, Wayne Rooney does the same.
He would ask the kitman what jersey the team would be wearing the next day.
At night while he was lying in bed, he would visualize himself scoring on match day in the team colours.

If positive imaginary is so well and good, how does it leave me vulnerable?
We will let Dr Oettingen explain a little.


The downside of positive fantasy.


Dr Gabriele Oettingen, a psychology professor at New York University and the University of Hamburg recruited a group of undergraduates and split them into two random groups.
The first group was instructed to fantasize about acing next week’s test; the other group was asked to record their daydreaming, good or bad.

It turned out that positive visualization did not elevate the performance of the first group.
Students who imagined success before it happened, became complacent.
Because they had enjoyed the feeling of achievement even before they had done so in reality.
It seems that blind optimism does not work well despite all the rah rah about positivity.

It is always a mystery why people think that insurance is important but do not act upon it.
Positive thinking is one possible explanation.

When people think about insurance, they get a warm fuzzy feeling.
The notion of protecting their family’s financial situation via insurance is satisfying.
Having the mental imagery of having financial ability to have world class surgeons at your deposal, is comforting.


Imagination is always a wondrous place.

Imagination is always a wondrous place.

These mental pictures shifted you from a position of insecurity into a soothed state of mind.
You prefer your new mental state.
However, all that is not real.
At least not until you sign on the dotted line.


Mental contrasting – the new Black.


This presents us a big problem.
If positive fantasy does not help, how could we motivate ourselves?

Thankfully, Dr Oettingen has an answer.
Mental contrasting is the solution to keep one motivated.
It is also a visualization technique but not just on the positive ones.

Another experiment with yet another group of third grade students was conducted.
One group was requested to imagine what would cause them to fail where the other was directed to fantasize about success.
The former did better than the latter.




What mental contrasting does to balance the positives with the negatives.
We can still imagine how we may win or do well.
The difference is that we have to think about what our obstacles may be.

Dr Oettingen devised a method named WOOP.
It is short for ‘Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, Plan.”


Applying WOOP on insurance


Use that on a real life issue – life insurance.
You wish to get protection for yourself or your family.
Once again, that warm comforting feeling envelopes you as you fantasize about the positive outcomes of having life insurance.

Don’t indulge in it.
Start thinking of the obstacles such as lack of understanding, tight budget, etc.
Plan to overcome them by learning, comparing and reading up on life insurance.

You have better chances of going out there and getting insurance coverage with this method than just pure positive fantasy.


The Difference-maker.


Positive visualization works better for the athletes.
When facing up with the seeming insuperable opponents, they do not focus on the negatives.
It overwhelms them and destroys their confidence.


Rooney nodding in agreement that he can't score.

Rooney nodding in agreement that he can’t score.


Instead they focus on the positives.
Striking a forehand winner down the line.
Swinging and hitting a home run.

On the other hand, our daily goals are  achievable.
That makes mental contrasting handy in these situations.
Acing an exam, losing weight and buying insurance obviously.


Motivating yourself to greater protection.


A new iPhone or a state-of-the-art Televsion.
Those are things that make you jump out of your seat and make the purchase.
Not life insurance.


New TV !!

New TV !!


No adviser is able to sell you any life insurance if they only focus on the positives.
Think about it.

You will only feel the strong compulsion to buy insurance when you imagine yourself or your family suffering due to your inaction.
Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or engage a Financial adviser, mental contrasting will help you take proactive life insurance action.

Stop fantasizing about life insurance.
Start WOOP’ing about it.


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