The F word everyone knows, but avoids mentioning

Posted 3 October, 2019 by Clearly
in Pitfalls to Avoid

Avoidance is surely one of the key activities that humans do exceedingly well.

Specifically, avoidance of activities and behaviours that are good for us.

Examples of this are aplenty, so feel free to add to this list:

We don’t eat well
We dodge exercise like the plague
We sleep late
We spend too much time on our phones
We binge spend
We watch too much Netflix
We avoid the F word

At this point, it is safe to say you have (at least) two questions on your mind right now:

  1. Where is this article heading towards?
  2. What in the world is the F word we are referring to?


To answer the first question:

We are provoking contemplation and possibly inducing a moment of self-awareness that many people avoid doing things that are good for them.

The short explanation for this sort of avoidance is: we all hate short term sacrifices, even if it leads to long term benefits.

Short term thinking does not just manifest itself in physical habits, it also exists in the way we handle our finances. The rest of the article is going to explore one particular aspect of our financial planning that we avoid.


To answer the second question:

That F word is the future.


No one sums it up with as much class as he does


Future? You mean the thing that is far away and can wait?


You got that right. Many of us don’t give a thought about the future.

Far simpler just to live life from day to day and enjoy the here and now.

The future exists … later on, so let’s worry about it when it comes. Besides, isn’t that what CPF is for?


Here’s some sobering news:

80% of Singaporeans anticipate a gap between what they need for retirement vs what they have, upon turning 60. Despite this anticipated retirement-funding gap, most respondents do not seek professional help.


How now, brown cow?



The key action could not be simpler.

If you want a (good) future, then plan for it. And act on it


Plan for your financial future. Act like you have a say in it because you do.

Stop spending money you don’t have, to impress the people that don’t even like you.

Actually save money regularly for a change.

And start doing the hard stuff.

Tedious, dry, technical stuff like:


Examining your insurance cover
Is it sufficient? Do your policies need tweaking? Do you even know what you have? Do you even have any? What is going to protect you financially if you have a serious illness tomorrow?

Budgeting your finances
Behave like a responsible adult, and have a bloody retirement plan. Speak to your financial adviser. Speak to tonnes of financial advisers. Hear their views on how to approach retirement planning. Understand what are their charges, their fees, and evaluate their worth for yourself.

Get a proper financial education
Learn the difference between genuine investment opportunities vs get-rich-quick schemes. Warren Buffet sure as hell doesn’t give seminars on “how to own multiple properties with no money down”. Get familiar with concepts like inverted yield curves, Libor, and arbitrage.


You get the idea.

It is going to be hard. It will take discipline. Hard work.

But it will pay off, we guarantee it.

Because like it or not, you have a future.


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