3 reasons why things are not looking up for you in 2020

Posted 2 January, 2020 by Surely
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This is the start of a new year.
A fresh start, a new beginning.
Hope springs eternal.

Except it is going to be just like last year.
If last year has not been good, then you are officially going into technical depression.
We make that term up but you get where we are going.

We hate to be so pessimistic at the turn of the year but anyone dislikes work, abhors the first working day of the year. We identify some reasons why the near future is looking bleak for you so that you can work on them.


Grand plans often lead to disappointment


If you are into making New Year resolutions, this one should look familiar.
Every single year, you make ambitious plans on losing 10 kg, saving $10k in a year or even getting a girlfriend this year.
Yet on every 31 Dec, you were fat and poor but good news, your forearm just had gotten a lot more muscular!


We feel you, bro!


The problem is not about having the most far-fetched dream.
It is about the execution.
You can’t go straight from A to Z; just like how you can’t lose 10 kg just by starving yourself over a week.

Taking baby steps is the way to go.
To lose weight, you just have to focus on one day at a time.
Eat right every meal and start exercising slowly before increasing the intensity often yield better results than going nuclear from day 1.


You make up excuses for yourself


Fitness enthusiasts know this and gym owners love this.
In January, we see a lot of new-joiners working out hard.
By March, most of them have gone missing in action.

It is always the same old reasons.
No time is the proverbial dog-ate-my-homework all-time favourite.
My gym trainer is hideous is the one that left our mouth wide open.

The reason why we make up excuses for ourselves is that we feel bad about skipping a class and then avoid the guilt by rationalizing our moments of weakness.
It is alright to skip a day or two.
Instead of making up excuses, you can stop feeling bad and instead make a promise to yourself that you shall turn up tomorrow.


This can wait


We procrastinate.
Almost everyone does.
But that is no way to get things changed.

There are many reasons why we do that.
We might be plain lazy.
Or we may fear that we may fail despite our best efforts.
So we choose to wait because you can’t miss if you don’t take a shot.


Up yours, Wayne! Tomorrow, of course.


Take stock of your situation.
Will you have any regrets if your life continues on the current path?
If the answer is a resounding no, then make a plan and execute it.



Don’t be the same old you in 2020


Here’s our point – if you remain the same old you, every next year is always going to be the same as the last.
If you do not have a plan, make one today.
If your plan never materialized, go back to the drawing board and build one with easier steps but one that is still heading towards the same goal.

Lastly, if you have no idea where to start, start by having your financials reviewed.
Your better 2020 begins here.

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