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I shouted at my wife about insurance. For once, she had no reply.

Posted 14 October, 2018 by Surely
in For Parents and Parents to be

First thing first, shouting at your wife is an extremely dangerous act. Try it at your own risk.

Next, you must understand that you are only allowed to raise your voice by 10 decibels above your normal talking range.  Any above that is considered as disrespectful and earns you a prolonged staycation on your couch.

Lastly, all of the above apply only on husbands. Wives, please feel free to shout at your spouse whenever you feel like and at any volume. (Editor: the writer insists on that I keep this line on behest of his partner)

With sufficient warnings issued, let us proceed with the story proper.


You still read on anyway because the ability to yell at your partner and live to tell the tale is simply priceless.


The Demon of the North beckoned.


One fine Saturday afternoon, my wife suggested that we should go to Sembawang Park for a picnic due to the lovely weather. We prepared the food and drink, lumbered to the car with our baby pram and bags and drove up north.

The details had escaped me but it was around Lentor Avenue when my wife and I began chatting about insurance.  She was recounting about her colleague’s husband who had suffered from a heart attack and passed on. Fortunately for her colleague, the spouse left behind a substantial amount of money due to life insurance. I gave my own opinion on her anecdote.

“That is what good husbands do. They don’t just take care of the family but also plan ahead.”

I couldn’t tell what my wife’s reaction was as she was on the rear passenger seat with my kid but she wondered aloud.

“It is so sad to bring up a child on her own. I don’t know how I will cope if I am her”

I did not know what got into me but somehow that got me riled up and retorted:
“Definitely not easy. But at least you know that if one day I die, you will be financially assured. With $600k .. no $800k if you include DPS and employee benefit, you can afford not to work and take care of the little one for quite a while.”

By now, I was getting more agitated as my wife kept quiet. I was revving up the engine in anger as I rattled on.


Me on the fast track to a permanent sleeping spot on the sofa.


“How about me? If I am alone with our boy, I have to work and care for him at the same time. What if you are down with an illness? I have to work, take care of you and kid and my parents! Although life is going to be shitty regardless of insurance, at least I have made sure that you have one less thing to worry.”

My wife tried to defend herself and told me that I could tell her what to buy and she would do so. She could hardly finish her sentence as I came straight back with a harsh rebuttal.

“I told you whenever I came across good insurance promotions. I also pointed out that you could do your own planning. What more do you want me to do?

You know that I increased my coverage when our darling was born so that you can have an easier time if something happens to me. All I am asking you to give me the same consideration. Nevermind, I don’t want to talk about it anymore”

With that, I ended the conversation. A long silence ensued but the picnic went on smoothly as my 2-year-old boy was blissfully unaware of the tension and lightened up the mood. I had no idea why I got so riled up on this topic as I was usually even-tempered. Suddenly it hits me.

It occurred just as we entered Yishun. Now I have a first-hand insight on why people in this area act so crazily. It is beyond their control!


Red denotes anger and in this case, danger.



Good things happen for those who wait.


While it was surprising that my wife did not declare a cold war on me afterwards, it was even more astonishing to find out that she did take action after my rant in the car. Without me knowing, she went on to get herself covered.

She left a stack of documents on my desk and requested for me to run through. At first, I thought that it was the taxes. After all, it was about the same time when our government sent its IOU to us. It was fortunately not the case.


I need an insurance plan that can pay for my taxes.


My lazy-yet-smart wife had duplicated my own life insurance coverage (save for disability income plan) and thus made sure that I had no more complaints. As I read the policy contracts, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Should have railed at her earlier!” were my exact thoughts.


Lessons learnt from this hazardous rant


Before this incident, I had reminded my wife over and over again to review her insurance coverage ever since the birth of my baby boy. It is not a matter of me being overly protectively but it is really a form of love for our boy.

Imagine if any one of us is ill or no longer around, the surviving parent must make up for the loss by caring more for the kid. You cannot spare the time and energy if you are toiling away at work to make up ends meet. That is why we need life insurance more when we have a baby.

I am lucky that my wife does not get back at me for shouting at her. It is probably because she understands the importance of having adequate coverage as she is in the corporate insurance industry herself. If your wife isn’t familiar with insurance, it is best to make her realise the importance with the help of a financial advisor before yelling at her.

Or don’t shout at her at all and have a cordial but fruitful talk about insurance with your other half. It should work out just fine. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

P.S Don’t try this at home. Do it in the car as she will not throw her shoe at you when you are driving with her inside!

  1. Surely

    I like to say my middle name is danger.
    Regretably it is not.
    It says insurance.

    In all seriousness, you are spot on.
    It is potential disaster for me if my wife don’t get her coverage right.

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