Your Insurance Agent earns big bucks – Here’s why its ok

Posted 11 February, 2016 by Clearly
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There he is. Pulling up into the car park. That dark blue Porsche. Oh wait, wasn’t it a BMW M5 some months ago? You can’t keep track of Philbert’s cars any more – he changes them like underwear.

Philbert is here today for an appointment with you – just to keep in touch, say hi. He doesn’t want you to feel he abandoned you after selling the first policy. Indeed, he carries himself so well and smoothly, the appointment leads to an uncovering of a new financial need – and a new sale.


He hit you like a smooth criminal – and its alright


That night you ponder: Are my policies financing his latest mode of transportation? Am I being taken for a ride? Am I contributing more to his financial success than my own?

Every now and then, we see agents having “made it big”. We may even have some friends or acquaintances that belong to that category. They sport all manner of designer accessories, dress to the nines daily, and drive cars that are more expensive than HDB flats. Should that bother you or affect your decision to purchase insurance (from them)?

Here is a candid look at why it really is OK that your agent is wildly successful.


It shows perseverance



Selling Insurance? Looks just about right


Lets face it, selling insurance is a tough way to make a living. I’ve been there and done that before, I would know. Long hours on the streets, on the phones, on your feet – you name it, and most Insurance agents would have done it.

The reason for the tough sell is because Insurance is inherently sold, not bought. This means that hardly anyone goes looking for Insurance plans on their own accord (something we aim to change), like buying bread in a supermarket. Instead, insurance needs to be painstakingly sold – from one person persuading another.

For an agent to truly succeed, he or she may have had to grind and battle it out for years – which is why an agent that does well is someone that has the determination to carry on in the industry despite the odds and hardship. All other fledgling wannabes drop out after a few months.


They are good at what they do



Only the good ones remain, over time


A common misconception about insurance agents is that they ALL earn big money. That is about as fallacious that saying that all doctors and lawyers are rich. Perhaps a good proportion of them are, but for good reason. There are crappy doctors and there are bumbling lawyers – they are the ones that tend to go out of business and wind up their practices.

Same goes for Insurance Agents – not all of them are equally good at what they do. Their job is to understand a client’s financial  goals, and uncover some needs that may not have been foreseen by the client previously. Some mildly successful agents get by using their charm, or looks, or charisma – but those need to be supported by sound financial planning ability in the long run.

Financially successful agents reach that pinnacle because they can perform their role to perfection – which is to take care of their client’s needs.


Sometimes its just an act


Video Interview

Fess up, you did this too for your video interview


You step into a Lawyer’s office and see tonnes of leather bound books. Thick, heavy, and expensive looking. There is a platinum globe at the corner, and he invites to you to take a seat on his chair. Full grain leather, you note. Awards and certifications adorn his wall. He is the right guy for the job, you decide – even before he gets right down to business.

Appearances do matter. Any fool would tell you otherwise. No GE candidate takes a bad mugshot of himself, and you can bet your last dollar there was a good deal of photoshop done too. Politicians, doctors and lawyers take pains to dress up their offices – so why not agents as well?

That agent you see carrying the Mont Blanc Pen, the luxurious attache, and wearing the handmade shoes – he could be trying to project a professional image, one that inspires trust in his clients (it does work, because no one shows up for an interview with a crumpled shirt and 3 day stubble). Would it be that bad of a thing to buy from someone who is trying hard to project a professional image?


In the end, its all up to you



Should I do my own homework now or regret it later?


What we’ve listed out here in this article are some reasons to buy from a successful agent. It doesn’t mean that its always the best choice out there, or that you don’t have to do your own homework. At the end of the day, its still up to you to guard your own interests carefully – whether your agent drives an M5 or takes the bus.

Would you prefer to buy from a successful agent or a struggling one? Let us know in the comments below! aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

    1. Surely

      We do not have to validate anything since we ain’t selling at this site.
      If you may take some time to look around, you shall find that we frown on bad insurance advice.

  1. Clearly

    Without any condescension intended, people like yourselves are exactly the reason we started the site.

    It is meant to educate and inform people about Life Insurance, without which there could be a real financial disaster when the unexpected occurs.

    If everyone had the right frame of mind, the right attitude, and proper knowledge about Life insurance, we would not need to even consider this endeavor.

    Even though we are not paid ANYTHING at all by ANYONE, we still see this as a worthwhile effort – if we can save just one family from ruin by our work, it would be a great trade.

    These high-handed insults and mindless accusations are just something we have to put up with while we carry on with our real work.

  2. Right behind

    What does the article serves to prove? Or rather what is your take on this issue? Are you envious of us leading that kind of lifestyle? As an agent, i can tell you we deserve that absolutely. Behind the scene, you do not see us putting in 14 hrs working days, even on weekends, making sure all clients are well taken care of. You do not see us running around the hospitals, talking to doctors, accompanying clients for their chemo treatment, at funeral wakes comfortable their loved ones, at claims dept expediting their claims cheque. But here at a blog, all you do is spout rubbish and take swipes at the successful ones. Do take a good look at your own income and see where you stand in life, rather than sitting high up above nowhere dishing your so called advice.

    1. Clearly *

      Title says:

      Your Insurance Agent earns big bucks – Here’s why its ok

      Not sure if our stand is clear enough, but happy new year to you too 🙂

    2. Hilarious

      Lol wtf. If you can’t even read this post properly I highly doubt you can be a successful agent given how agents should pay attention to details and fine prints. Please leave your clients and the industry for the sake of everyone else

    3. Bank Shot

      I think “Right Behind” may just be the 3rd one – the faker.
      That’s why he is so sore about it.

      Show him some sympathy, guys.
      His BMW is being towed by the leasing company as we speak.
      That’s why he has so much salt in his vajayjay

        1. Hilarious

          We are looking and have no idea what else to look at other than someone who clearly lacks the basic intelligence to read properly before commenting.

          1. Ridz

            Not everyone has the same IQ level. He is below zero. Its norm, we will come across idiots that read the title only and immediately make their own conclusion hahahaha.

    4. Heather

      Doing claims n taking care of your clients is part of getting so much commission from your clients premium. Its part of your job. Are clients supposed to be thankful for you helping to process the claim? U mean u deserve all these luxuries to showcase you are successful just because u put in 14 hours to work? U want the money, u put in the hours. Its fair n square. Your income is thanks to the premiums paid by clients n look who’s sitting high up above now where trying to justify they deserve such a lifestyle. Fyi, there are good agents who live a less flashy lifestyle n the difference between the majority of the flashy agents out there n them is that they just need to dress smartly minus those flashy lifestyles accessories and demonstrate their substance. Personally, I will purchase from such agents.

  3. Kayl

    Great article, good read. Ignore the haters, there’s a reason why they are in their current financial situation 😉 and finding something to hate on.

    1. Clearly *

      Thank you very much for your kind words. We try to view “alternative” comments as opportunities to improve – which we surely must.

      Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  4. Walter Chan

    Here’s my objective objections to the points in your article.

    1. It shows perseverance
    While it is true that successful agents work very hard and long hours, it could mean that they have been working very hard selling crappy products to unknowing consumers.

    2. They are good at what they do
    We have to breakdown the “what they do” – selling skills and technical knowledge. The most financially successful agents might have the best sellings skills but not have great technical knowledge, which again allows them to spin a story and sell crappy products to consumers.
    “Financially successful agents reach that pinnacle because they can perform their role to perfection – which is to take care of their client’s needs.” <– this is assuming that these agents are all acting in the interest on their clients, which is a very naive assumption, and based on my personal experience often untrue.

    3. Sometimes its just an act
    The best agents i personally know are unpretentious and doesn't make a tonne of money.

  5. B K

    Just a thought to people thinking insurance agents are unethical, aka selling people things that they don’t need:

    Imagine you need to buy a hairdryer and you picked out a normal $100 one, the salesperson walks over and introduce you to the Dyson one which cost 6 times more. Well because we know he gets a higher commission.

    This is ethical? Or just doing his job to up-sell.

    I’d say he’s just doing his job and if you don’t want to get the Dyson one, it’s your choice.

    At the end of the day, consumers should be able to see what products are good for them and what they need most. This is why MAS set up the money sense Programme to educate and provide a platform for a well informed generation.

    That being said, if an agent tries to push a product to someone just because they didn’t know better, that’s really unethical which no insurance provider or MAS will condone that kind of actions.

    So please take every article you see with a pinch of salt. Whether good or bad, if it helps you then put a smile on your face. If it doesn’t help then scroll to the next article or go play candy crush.

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