You are not going to get rich and it is okay

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Financial freedom.
Financial independence.
A state whereby one does not need to work for a livelihood.

It is the holy grail of all financial bloggers.
Those who have attained it, flaunt it.
Those who still chasing, actively encourage others to try.


This is my personal choice for a holy grill. Yum Yum...

This is my personal choice for a holy grill. Yum Yum…

Passive incomes, increased savings or large inheritances are some ways to achieve financial freedom.
However you are looking for tips on how to achieve it, you are at the wrong blog post.

The Allure


It does not take a genius to find out why financial independence is so sought after.
No need to wake up early to go to work.
You do not have to take the crowded trains and risk being stuck in a breakdown.


Much more desirable option than work

Much more desirable than work


Stay in bed? Sure, as long as you wish.
No worry about paying your mortgage on time.
Basically, you have absolute freedom to do anything because you are rich enough.

Sounds attractive?
Let’s read tons of financial books and blogs to get that passive income going.


The Unseen Side

Everyone loves success stories.
How a poor boy made good.
Rag-to-rich anecdotes that are so inspiring.

What we often do not know are the untold and unseen tales of those who have failed.
Thousands of people who worked so hard daily to get more money to achieve success but instead died prematurely.
Many others burnt their fingers through bad investments.


And there are some who think that casino is the way.

And there are some who think that casino is the way.


You may say, at least they tried.
I agree wholeheartedly.
There is absolutely no shame in trying but falling short.


The Naked Truth


Financial freedom can only be achieved by a minority.
There, I said it.

“Utter bullshit”, you cried.
If I could do it, so can everyone.
Let me explain to you why.

You know what does average means.
So you should understand that for average to exist, there will be people above and below average.
Since there are people perpetually in the below average area, there will always be people around who are nowhere near to fiscal independence.


I am average too. Glad to be in the minority !

I am too.But it is actually normal


“But if we improve everyone’s absolute wealth, it is possible for all to be financially free.”
If you truly believe the above sentence, you can click the “x” button in the top right corner

Should you still be reading this, please allow me to explain.
If everyone can be financially self-sufficient, it means that no one want to work.
How can any society function with everyone being a lazy bum?


The Message


Now that I have debunked the myth, it is a natural step for me to advise you to go and achieve financial independence.


I must be a troll !

I must be a troll !

I am absolutely not.
Financial freedom is not attainable by everyone but you can become one of the minority.
However, my only problem with the modern pursuit of financial nirvana is the wrong all-in approach.

It is well known that Singaporeans work one of the longest hours in the world.
Isn’t it ironic that one will lose their freedom to their time so that they may have a chance to exchange it for financial freedom?


Pretty bad deal if you ask me.

Pretty bad deal if you ask me.


Time is finite for all humans.
Money is something that any government can just print at any time.
Isn’t it a tad foolish to exchange something so valuable for something so worthless?

Don’t lose your health, your family bond and your ties with your loved ones in the frenzied pursuit of financial independence.
Keep some time for yourself and your loved ones.

Even if you do not succeed, you will find yourself in a good place.
Financial freedom is definitely not all to life.




Financial freedom is both a mean and an end.
It is an end because you can finally relieve yourself of working.
However, it is also a mean – it allows you to enjoy other finer things in life.

To put it in another way.
Taking the fastest car to financial freedom may not be the best way to live your life.
Enjoy the scenery and the loved ones’ company on your bus trip.


Financial freedom is not the end. Life enjoyment is.

Financial freedom is not the end. Life enjoyment is.

At the end of the day, the destination may not be where you intend to be.
After all, success is part luck and part everything else.
However, you would have appreciated the bus ride and the new end-stop much more. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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