The One Question we dare not answer (but really should)

Posted 3 November, 2016 by Clearly
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Ever been put on the spot?

It happened to me many times in the past, and I’m sure it will continue to happen to me in the future.

Some of the toughest questions I ever had to answer were:


Why were you doing your Chinese homework during English lesson? (During Secondary 2, caught by my English HOD)

Where the hell is your magazine, soldier? (BMT, asked by Sergeant Sham. He “liberated” it on the sly)

How do you see yourself contributing to this company? (Talent Management Program interview at a Lift Manufacturer –  all I knew about lifts were the open/close buttons)

And of course, this clincher of a question takes the cake:

Do you see us getting married? (8 months into a relationship, she asked this. And yes, there was a happily ever after. Just not together with her)


You get the idea. Tough questions abound. No doubt you probably faced a fair few of your own. But there is one in particular that should keep us up at night, for many nights until it is answered.

Many people don’t have the courage to ask it, let alone answer it. I say it is time we addressed it once and for all, and slay the beast once and for all.

Swords at the ready, please.


The Question



What would happen to my family if something happened to me?

That’s the simple question we dare not ask (and answer).

To you, it may appear in a different format.


How will Ah boy take care of himself when I’m gone?

Are my parents able to retire without financial worries without my help?

Will my wife be able to cope if I am out of the picture?


Ponder upon this for a little while longer. What version of the question appears to you? Does your heart pace a little faster? Do your palms start to sweat a little?

It’s normal.

Let’s proceed to slay this beast of doubt.


Why we find it hard to ask?


Quite simply, we know that we will find it hard to answer.


Ok, so why do we find it hard to answer?




To answer it means to admit we are not invulnerable.


Hard to believe, but life can sometimes be more fragile than that paper heart


Gasp! You mean to say, those nasty things that I see happen to other people might happen to me? Surely not. I take care of myself. I eat my greens. I only cross the road after looking both ways.

It might be ok for an 18 year old to think this way, but you are no longer 18.

Like it or not, your name is placed in the same giant lottery bowl somewhere in the sky – with or without your consent.

It’s time to accept the fragility of life, and plan accordingly for it. Like any responsible adult would.


To answer it means to admit we are not knowledgeable enough (yet)


No one starts out with any idea about insurance. I mean, absolutely no one.


Financial Planning? Insurance? Benefit Illustration? Par fund? That all seems pretty fuzzy. Add to all that, you have to admit you are afraid of being conned/sweet-talked into buying some policy or policies by that well-dressed adviser.

Should I buy this Whole Life Plan like she recommended? Why not term? What’s actually in it for her? What is a Term plan anyway?

Who wants to feel ignorant? Definitely not me.


To answer it means we may need to make lifestyle changes


45,46,47 cents. Thats my lunch money for the next 2 days.


And by lifestyle changes, I mean adjustments to expenditure. Setting aside a certain sum for savings. For protection. For long term investments.

This means less instant gratification. More budgeting. Less YOLO and more YOHOLSMIC (You Only Have One Life So Make It Count).

You get the idea.


Psychoanalysis over, what next?


Roll them up and take action!


Take baby steps, nothing big.


Read up a little more about insurance and financial planning.

Engage the help of a financial advisor. (We know some great ones out there)

Clear your doubts and ask your questions here.


Before you know it, you will get into the swing of things faster than you can say “Quidditch”.


Once you get this question properly answered, you just may find yourself sleeping that much more peacefully at night.

You’re welcome.


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