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Once upon a time, I was looking for a new roller-chair for my room.
I intended to purchase it myself but my mum insisted coming along.
She asserted that I knew nothing about roller-chair and thus, she had to offer her “expert” opinion.
Given that I was a teenager then, I had no other choice but to comply.

Upon reaching the store, she proceeded to ask the salesman about which chairs are the best.
She had no inkling what made a good chair at all!
Instead she relied completely on the salesman to make her a good recommendation.
I was both perplexed and amused that she preferred to trust a salesman over her son.

I can't recall going to jail but I must have disobeyed Mum a lot.

I can’t recall going to jail but I must have disobeyed Mum a lot.

This reflected the difference in how different generations made our purchasing decision.
Our parents and their parents and their grand-parent went out, networked with the sales person and relied on their expert opinions.
Our generation stayed home, used the internet and became arm-chair experts before ordering one via the Internet.
However, it was not always possible to buy over the internet and sometimes we need to get out of the house.

Even for nerds, you have to get out to get lucky

Even for nerds, you have to get out to get lucky

I always have a problem with trusting the sales person.
While you are interested to know which product is most suitable, the sales person may not share your same concerns.
Some of them are more interested in making the most commissions out of your purchases.
Not every sales person is as such but it is difficult to identify which are the good ones.
Thus, we are in a prickly situation whereby we cannot buy online and we do not know which sales person to trust.

What can we  do then?

One strategy is to go on to the internet and find out more about the products.
Where are the best place to live in Singapore?
What spectacle frame is the lightest and flexible?
Which toilet bowl will make your crap not smell?
Armed with such information, you shall be ready to take on the sale person.

Upon reaching the shop, you must first resist the temptation of showing off your now superior knowledge.
Ask the sales person innocently on the various products and features.
You can judge whether what they are saying is the truth as you already know some of these facts.
Now if the sales person is a honest chap who has offered you great valuable insights, it is the right place and correct person for you to buy from.
Pretty neat tip eh?

Maybe they should guarantee chop this onto the honest ones

Maybe they should guarantee chop this onto the honest ones

Incidentally. this is the same way for you to differentiate between an insurance agent who think in your interest or one that is looking out for his.
If he tells you that term insurance is the worst in term of value, you know that he is lying.
Should she informs you that ILP is a saving policy, she is being disingenuous.
Perhaps he is not being dishonest but plainly ignorant.
However, do you really want someone who know less than you to service your financial needs?
Think hard about it.
Even (and especially) if the sales person is your personal friend.

Internet has changed our lifestyle drastically.
Information is no longer as scarce or difficult to obtain like the prehistoric ages.
As consumers, we have to exercise our due diligence too.
By relying only on one singular source of information, you may be doling out your hard-earned money to some professional liars, both insurance and non-insurance related.

At the same time, internet has potentially raised the bar for those doing sales.
No longer one can rely on mis-information to close a sale.
They must be genuinely knowledgeable about their products while providing tip-top services.
A sincere, customer-orientated sales person should be thankful for the chance to exhibit his/her excellent service and professionalism.

Going back to my story, my new roller-chair has lasted me to now.
After all, mums do know best.
And I lived happily ever after.

The End.


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