Money doesn’t work for you

Posted 1 November, 2015 by Surely
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Make your money work for you !
We shall have your money working harder than you do.
These are commonly-heard sales pitches by many investment product salesperson
Ideally, we will love to relax and watch TV while money grows by itself for us.

Money-growing tree

Money-growing tree

Unfortunately, earning money via investing is not as easy as that.
Usually it takes some effort to do the necessary research work.
For simplicity, I compare investment to growing your own crop.

In crop planting, you have to plough the field to prepare it for planting.
After the seeds have been sown, you will have to water and fertilize them.
Only after months of waiting, you can then harvest for your profit.

Investment is the same.
You must research on what products that may yield the best rewards for you.
After purchase, you have to monitor how they are doing.
Usually it takes time for you to earn from the investment instruments.

To some, it may sound like utter bullshit.
Sure, you can put your money into random investment product and with a capable fund manager.
It may turn out okay.
However, if you plant some seeds into the earth without any preparation, it may also grow into a crop that you may harvest.

Preparation gives you the most chance of a successful crop/investment.
Hiring someone to look after your plantation/investment portfolio may not ideal too.
Their interest may not be aligned with yours – they receive a salary or management fee regardless of the end result.

Basically the point is that you must fully research on the investment product before you jump in.
Look at the business, evaluate the climate and scrutinize the financial details.
Sometimes it is not that difficult to spot if the numbers makes sense or not.
Google machine is always there to help you out.

If you disagree with me, please let us know in the comments below.
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