I am a Life Insurance Policy

Posted 20 November, 2015 by Clearly
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In my earlier years in the financial industry, I came across an agent that shared with me a one pager description titled: I am a Life Insurance Policy. I did buy a policy from him but requested a copy of that description.

Its language is dated and somewhat out of place, so here is my very own rendition:


I am a Life Insurance Policy



I am a piece of paper, printed on a few drops of ink and paid for by a few dollars of premium.


I am a promise, a promise to pay.


I help people project their visions, dream their dreams, and reach out for financial immortality.


I am education for the children.


I am savings for the future.


I am an asset that increases in value, year after year.


I lend money when you need it, without fail.


I take care of mortgages so families can stay together in their own homes


I give people the optimism to live and the courage to die.


I will never forget about you, even if you don’t remember I exist.


I create money where there was none before.


I release people from the bonds of want.


I ensure that businesses can continue.


I am evidence that a man is a good husband and a good father, and a woman a good wife and mother.


I represent financial independence and economic freedom.


I am the difference between an old man or woman and an elderly gentleman or lady.


I bring home the bread if the breadwinner is struck with illness, injury, old age, or death.


I am the only thing that can be bought on installment, and yet not have to be finished paying for.


I am protected by laws that prevent creditors from taking the money I give to your loved ones.


I am dignity, peace of mind and security to your family.


I guarantee the financial ability to have happy holidays and the laughter of children – even though their father or mother is not there.


I keep uncertainty at bay – and exchange it for security.


I am the guardian angel of every home.


I am Life Insurance.


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