How to snuff out a serial killer without a gun

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Giving the last pull to secure the knots, you finally laced up your white canvas shoes.
Waving goodbye to your beaming Nenek, you set off for school.
He stood at a distance, planning his vile schemes.

A silent scream for joy.
That was how you felt when your boss announced your promotion. You tried to keep your cool in front of your jealous colleagues but your heart was racing.
Blending into the crowd, he got closer to you and scribbled down his observations.

Grabbing the warm glass of water, you popped the Bumex tablets into your mouth.
“Take these every single day if you want to control your blood pressure.”
You finally followed the doctor’s instructions after realizing that your headache was due to your hypertension.

After you had gingerly removed your glasses and turned off your bedside lamps, he licked the edges of his weapon in the dark and waited for you to fall asleep. 
His modus operandi was to strike when one was not expecting him.
Patience was his greatest virtue.
After all, he had been waiting for the right opportunity for 79 years.


Is this going to be your end?

Is this going to be your end?


You woke up not in your bed but in the hospital.
Staring at the moving lips of the nurse, you could not quite understand what she was saying.
Turning to the side, you noticed that your name was written on the clipboard.

You realized that you had just survived his attack.
His name was clearly written underneath yours.


The worst serial killers are not human


Physical harm does not even make the top 10 list of Singapore’s Principal Causes of Death.
I was admittedly flabbergasted when I saw Urinary Tract Infection up there.
It was hard to imagine a seemingly minor health issue as a serial killer.

The rest of these mass-murdering diseases are of little surprise.
Cancers, heart diseases, hypertension diseases, strokes, nephritis (acute kidney inflammation)  & lung-related illnesses complete the list.

Still doubting on how lethal these disease are?
Stop and hear this.
89.5% of all deaths in Singapore can be attributed to one of these illnesses.


If you are not too careful, these killer diseases can get you.


How to run away from the killer


Prevention is definitely better than the cure.
Instead of meeting these diseases head-on, avoiding them is a better option.
You stay off dark secluded corners if you value your safety. Likewise, you have to maintain a lifestyle that will give you the best chances of sidestepping the killer.

Yet you are not sure what to do.
There are too much information and too little proof on what actually works.
No worries, we have your back.


Lose the kilograms.


Losing cm off the waistline works too.

Losing cm off the waistline works too.


Heavy individuals who lose 5-10% of their body weight are found to have lowered their risk of having cardiovascular diseases.
The higher the loss amount is, the more the benefits are.

A study of 74,000 women shows that a longer duration of overweight and obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing several forms of cancer.
Depending on the obesity level, the elevation in cancer risk can go up as high as 38%!

There is no more doubt.
Losing weight is critical to lowering your risk of meeting one of the top ten killers.


Get moving.


An estimated 1% or 3400 cancer cases in the UK may be prevented by exercise.
A research on 1.44 million people confirms that physical activity lowers the risk of 13 cancers.
Data has already shown that exercise is linked to prolonged longevity.

The benefits of exercise are not limited to disease prevention.
It starves off disability,  improves memory and reduces depressions.

Why are we trying to convince you of the benefits of exercising?
Because you may only harness  the power of exercise if you believe in it!

Exercise can also fight cancer head-on.
This 25-minute long video shows the amazing effects of exercise on cancer.




Diet – the controversial one


A healthy eating lifestyle will diminish your risk of contacting a killer disease.
The question remains – what should you eat to achieve that?
There are too many biased sources that have muddled the water.

Sorry to bust your belief – there are no such things as super foods.
They are the result of marketing campaigns.
Your body needs more nutrient than one super food can provide.

Eat more vegetable and fish.
Have less processed meats. Throw away that burnt piece of food (carcinogenic).
While the association of sugar with cancer cells is yet to be proven, it does not hurt to take fewer sweets.

Before someone can sort out what is really good for your body, we should consume in moderation.
Be it Ginkgo Biloba, broccoli or dark chocolate, it is never good enough to eat just one type of food.


Research by a chocolate company lauded the benefits of having chocolate for every meal. Yes, we are kidding but the truth is much closer to the fiction than you think.



When the killer has you cornered.


Dead end in a desolated street.
He is approaching with pure villainous intent.
You are not going away without a fight, are you?


We assure you that sitting down and cry will not help at all.

We assure you that sitting down and cry will not help at all.


When these killer diseases strike and you survive the first blow, it is time to strike back.
The medical experts will prescribe methods and medication to defeat them.
Ever improving healthcare research will eventually find a way to deal with these killers.
Just like how smallpox and tuberculosis are conquered

This is where we get real.
The prohibitive medical cost may be preventing you from getting the best healthcare solutions.

We are not dissing the government hospitals because they are doing their best.
However, there is an issue with waiting period at government hospitals.
Hospital beds shortage is a real problem since years ago and remains so.

This problem is not isolated to Singapore.
Want to get a short waiting time and better treatment in a universal healthcare system?
Get your own private insurance policy. Or cough up some serious cash.


Nothing but the best for my baby.



We want only the best for ourselves and our family.
At the shortest time possible.
Especially when it come to death-causing illness.

It is only possible if you are rich or have a comprehensive healthcare insurance.
If you are the former, congratulations.
For many of us, the latter is our only way.




We are fortunate that MediShield Life (MSL)  is compulsory.
A portion of your expenses will be covered by MSL when you are hospitalized.
However, our research has uncovered that MSL alone is insufficient.

You need to get an Integrated Shield plan to widen the scope of coverage.
A rider to cover the deductibles and co-insurance.
Then, you are more or less sheltered from the hospital bills.

However, there is more cost involved than just that.
You have to feed yourself (and your family).
The experimental medicines and household renovation to cater to your different needs,are often paid out of your own pockets.
This is where a dread disease policy can make the most impact on.

Need more convincing reasons to buy a Critical Illness insurance?
Read here for more.


Prepare yourself for a life-long battle.


Life is like a horror film.
Sometimes you can outrun your killer.
At times, you have to face up to the assailant and do what Al Pacino does.




These killers are going to take away your most precious gift that your parents have given you.
You have to throw everything at them.

So keep running away.
And if you are trapped, never fight fair.

Go on and defeat the serial killer.
With a group of medical experts and your own fighting spirit.
And with pieces of paper that make all these possible. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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