How Self-Doubt is Your Perfect Insurance Companion

Posted 15 January, 2017 by Surely
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Are you always second-guessing yourself?
Wondering that there may be better alternatives.
Thinking of what may go wrong.

Have you doubted your ability to complete tasks?
Contemplating if you can succeed.
Deliberating whether you can last the whole journey.

Well, congratulations!
You are perfectly suited to plan for your own insurance needs.


Or maybe not?


Why doubting ourselves isn’t a bad thing.


Some people approach life with absolute, unbreakable confidence.
They come in and know exactly what to do.
Cock-sure that their plans would be flawless.

Sometimes you love to be them.
Why do you keep over thinking about your decision?
There is nothing wrong with you or your plans but you can’t help feeling antsy.


When you try to keep still.

When you try to keep still.


The results?
You actually do well at the end.

Due to your nature, you are able to spot potential pitfalls and take action to remedy them.
Your incessant restlessness and unease force you to relook arrangements until they are perfect.
Even then, you worry about unseen angles.

How about those guys with supreme fearlessness?
They crash and burn.
Well, they have overlooked an obvious mistake.

That is how self-doubt works out fine.
And here’s why it is perfect companion when planning your insurance.


Absolute confidence lulls one into complacency.


When one is firm in his belief, he assumes that everything is fine as they are.
The insurance portfolio had been meticulously planned out.
There could be no mistake.

But things change.
A new addition to the family.
Improvement in your earning power.


Or tio Toto.

Or tio Toto.


Your insurance needs become different. Yet your protection plan remains the same.
This may turn out to catastrophic if it stays the course.

You don’t have to look far on how damaging complacency is.
There were no guards on duty when the Stanchart robbery happened.


Self-doubt makes you question things.


That fidgety feeling is unsettling for sure.
Unsure whether your coverage is right.
Therefore, you open up the file and review your protection needs again. And again.


Reading fine prints is your hobby.

When reading fine prints becomes your hobby.


Do you need more critical illness policies?
Is your budget sufficient to provide adequate assurance for everyone in the family?
Are you going to increase your income protection now that you have a substantial bump in earnings?

Asking these key questions is something that you will do.
Because you are constantly worried about the present situation.
Due to your restless nature, you leave no stones unturned.

That is great for your financial planning.
You adapt, you change and you make sure everything is great at every single moment.


Self-doubt helps you sniff out intentions.


You can DIY your insurance needs here with our comprehensive insurance solutions.
Learn about insurance, discover your needs and discuss them.
But if you do not have the time or inclination to do so, you can have an adviser to assist you.

That is when your inquisitive nature comes in handy.
You doubt yourself but why stop at that?
Question your adviser and have him or her explain those unfamiliar terms.

Is he telling you the right information?
Does she prioritise your budget over his commission?
Would he play hide-and-seek with you after the sales have been completed?


Did he perform magic as his side line?

Did he perform magic as his side line?


It is unhealthy to trust someone completely after a couple of meetings.
By having a reasonable doubt, you retain a sense of cautiousness.
You listen more carefully; you think with more depth.
You make sure that your adviser doesn’t overlook a blind spot.

After all, you do torment your inner self whenever you are mulling over a decision.
Share some of your worries on your insurance agent.
Should he be able to give you satisfactory answers,  you know you are in good hands.


It leads you to alternatives


Are you getting the best deal on your insurance premium?
Is there a better plan to cover this particular need?
Could your club membership help you to get better discounts? (Yes, it can!)

These questions and more will help you to look for better and sweeter deals.
Or you can simply find them here.


Self-doubt creates a healthy fear.


The realisation that you are not invulnerable is pivotal to proper insurance planning.
Imagine this following conversation.

Adviser: You need to buy a Critical Illness plan.
You: Nay. Super fit.
Advisor: Gotta protect your income at least.
You: Dammit, I never get hurt. Someone else does.  
Advisor: Get a term plan at least please?
You: Screw you! I am practically immortal.


Rule no 1: You are no Chuck Norris.

Rule no 1: You are not Chuck Norris.


Yeah, you get the point.
Fear of bad things happening is normal.
The reverse is not healthy.

You have a contingency plan when disasters occur, instead of hoping for handouts from others.
Retain control of your finance when injury or illness strikes.

This fear originating from self-doubt actually drives you to protect your financial future better.
How cool is that?


Clearing your doubts (as if it will work on you!)


Self-doubt may be a nuisance time to time.
The fear of doing the wrong thing may freeze you into inaction.
Over-thinking leads to procrastination.

Don’t let self-doubt be an obstacle.
Harness that hyperactive brain of yours for good use.
It will lead you to many great things in life.

With everything in life, moderation is the key.
And a little self-doubt goes a long way when it comes to planning for your insurance. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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