From Grave to Cradle

Posted 20 September, 2015 by Surely
in Opinion

A while back, both Clearly and Surely were attending the wake of a mutual friend’s father together with some army buddies.

They were all sitting around the table reminiscing about their good old days when one of them broached the topic of insurance.
This dude, M, told the group that he had recently purchased a whole life policy and proudly described to the others how awesome it was.

They were all very much intrigued as it was a topic that was not unfamiliar to them. M gleefully talked the rest through how his agent (who was his friend) had gone through his financial needs and introduced a few suitable life policies to him. He was delighted with the agent’s service to him and had chosen a whole life plan from the recommended list.

“Have you considered a term plan?” Clearly asked.

With immense confidence, Mun proceed to explain that his agent had advised him against term insurance as they are bo hua (not economical). There was no cash to be redeemed after policy had ended and thus, he was not interested in them. He also urged the rest not to buy one.

Alarmed, both Clearly and Surely explained to him how whole life insurance works in relation to term. M’s eyes widened more and more as they illustrated further.
Being investment-savvy, his preference would be a low-cost coverage while the rest of his cash may be freed for him to invest. In fact, before the topic of insurance, M was advising the others on which stocks they should be looking out for.

“How could a friend advise me of so? Perhaps he (agent) did not know?” M stuttered.

After assuring him that his agent did know, Clearly and Surely could see M slumping back on his plastic chair in disbelief that he was taken in by a friend.
He kept shaking his head in disbelief, probably at the deceit.
Clearly and Surely were saddened by how their friend was mis-informed and purchase a product that was not suited for him.

This and many too similar stories had inspired us to set up our website.
We believe that knowledge will empower everyone in making a well-informed decision on their financial needs.

This was how ClearlySurely was born.
Literally from the grave. (if not, a grave setting) aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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