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Doctor’s prescription.
One of those things that everyone hates.

It means that you are not physically well.
Those drugs may empty your wallets too.
Not to mention that those nasty pills leave a bitter aftertaste.

Thankfully, there is another type of doctor’s writing that will make you feel better.
He can compile a report that orders your insurance companies to reduce your premiums.

The caveat?
You have to be healthy in the first place.


Easy peasy

Easy peasy


The New is upon us .


In the past, people had little choices when making purchases.
You could only select Coke or Sprite at fast food joints.
Canned sardines came in tomato sauce only so your choice is to take it or leave it.
It was difficult for companies to produce varied products.
They were unable to track the demand or did not have the facilities to make more than one line of goods at a reasonable cost.

Technology changes all that.
Now it is shaking up the insurance industry too.

Insurers have been underwriting  policies by way of general profiling.
Age, gender, height, weight, etc.
Thus, two 40-year-old dudes with similar height and weight will pay the same amount of premium.


Guess which Seth does the insurers prefer?

Guess which Seth do the insurers prefer?


However, one may be as fit as a fiddle while the other has problems breathing after climbing up a flight of stairs.
Despite being a better risk, the former has to pay the same amount of insurance premium as the latter.
Doesn’t sound too fair, does it?

Due to the improvement in record-keeping systems and underwriting software, the insurance companies are now able to provide better pricing.
If you have taken steps towards improving your physical well-being, that is.


NTUC Income – Orange Health Screening


This local insurance co-operative has a simple reward system for up-keeping your health.
Make an appointment at one of their panel clinics for a Orange Health screening at a subsidized rate of just $15.
They will test for your BMI,  Blood Pressure, Lipids profile and Fasting Blood Glucose level during these screenings.


In the Orange of Health !

In the Orange of Health !


Should your test turns up to be in the acceptable range, you stand to enjoy
1) $50 discount off your 1st year# premiums if you sign up for an Enhanced IncomeShield or IncomeShield Standard Plan.
2) $50 CapitaVoucher shopping voucher if you are already insured under any IncomeShield plans.

The best part?
You do not even need to be their policyholder first!
You may go for the health screening first before deciding to buy an IncomeShield policy.

Can’t wait to get it started?
Get your doctor’s appointment here!


AIA Vitality


AIA Vitality is a full scale wellness program.
You have to pay a membership fee of $3 a month before you get to enjoy a variety of discounts.
In order to enjoy the perks, racking up the Vitality points is a must.

There are several ways to gather Vitality points.
You may make an online non-smoker declaration, go for health screenings at their panel clinics and even shop for healthy food at Cold Storage.
Points are awarded whenever you workout too.


Get points when doing yoga.

Get points when doing yoga.


You get to enjoy an upfront 5% premium discount for new insurance signups as a AIA Vitality member.
Depending on your Vitality heath status, the premium discount may increase/decrease by 1% or 2% in the following years.
The maximum discount is capped at 15%

Not all plans are entitled to discounts though.
The selected ones are
1. AIA Secure Term Plus (II)
2. AIA Secure Critical Cover
3. AIA Triple Critical Cover
4. AIA Premier Disability Cover
5. AIA Max Essential
6. AIA Prime Critical Cover
7. AIA Secure Term Plus (II) Rider

Besides premium discounts, you can use your Vitality points to enjoy movies, hotel stays, cruises and more!
Raring to go ?!
Get signed up right here.


Great Eastern – Live Great Program


Live Great is another all-round program that rewards you for keeping yourself fit.
Unlike AIA Vitality, you do not need to pay to be a member.
Fill in your details online and wait for your approval.

Once you are a member, you will be invited for exclusive seminars & workshops.
Stand to enjoy special privileges at their many partners such as GNC, Healthway Dental, Berrylite, Nanyang Optical, etc.

For policyholders with PayAssure, Supreme Term, Supreme Term (Limited Pay 65), or Supreme Living Term, you get to enjoy discounts off your premium.
However, the discount varies year to year.


Here is your prescription for discounted premiums for GE.

Here’s your prescription for discounted premiums for GE.


To qualify, you have to undergo a Live Great Health Assessment test.
It covers several health indicators such as Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol levels, Blood Glucose, Waist Circumference.

Healthy and want to live great?
Come on down here.


Fitting the pieces together.


If you are in a good health condition and own one of those policies (in bold), you should get rewarded for your fitness.
Your insurance company has decided to right-size your premium by taking into account of your health risk profile.
Join more than one if you can maximize the benefits (and the discounts).

Alternatively, you may simply get the best prices for your insurance right off the bat.
Compare insurance and never pay an extra cent for the same coverage again.

www.ClearlySurely.com aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.


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