4 Awesome Insurance Perks that make you go: “Why did I not get that?”

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Envy is not nice. One of the 7 deadly sins, envy is the green-eyed monster that resides in your head and provides unsolicited advice incessantly. Often you will do his bidding without even realising what has transpired.

But envy is fantastic for commerce. You want to buy that exquisite writing pen not just because you have to sign your cheques but also because that obnoxious Peter from work keeps bragging about his. You desire for a new Jag even though your trusty Toyota is running perfectly because that will drive your jealous neighbour crazy. And you really want a hot girlfriend because, well that is self-explanatory. Even some old dude from Omaha agrees with that.

It’s Not Greed that Drives the World, it’s Envy.
– Charlie Munger (Gotcha, not always Buffett)


However, that is not always true. At least not true for insurance.


Why envy doesn’t work


Imagine that your friend Mark had just gotten a huge inheritance. His Dad had taken up a million dollar policy and the main beneficiary was Mark. Would you be envious of Mark due to his sudden windfall?  Of course not, he was grieving for goodness sake!

Envy just does not work in life insurance because the benefit of having insurance is always accompanied by bad events – Death, disability, accidents, diseases, etc.  You cannot be jealous of someone who had just lost a family member. Likewise, how can you be envious of someone who had just fractured his fingers due to over-vigorous bedroom activity?


insurance benefits

On second thoughts


However, we believe that we can change your mind and have you start harbouring envious thoughts about Mark’s fortune of having life insurance. At least watch us try!


Free stay at an expensive accommodation


You were in Mark’s new Mercedes Benz when he crashed into a tipper truck as he had taken his eyes off the road to brag about the new leather seats. Both of you were hospitalized but that was where the similarities end.

Mark was warded in a single room in a private hospital whereas you stayed at a crowded 6-bedder. He had a TV all to himself, an air-conditioned room, personal toilet and seemingly better food. Meanwhile, you were kept awake by the incessant coughing and complaining from the neighbouring beds, not to mention the endless visits by the attending doctors every other hour.


It was not too bad sharing a ward with others but it felt horrible when someone was wheeled away.


To make things worse, Mark’s medical expenses were fully paid for by his insurance plan while you received a hefty bill for that miserable stay. WHAT-THE-HELL.

It turned out that Mark had bought a private hospital Integrated Plan with a limited edition full rider. Why didn’t you think of that?!


>>You should have read our dummy guide to Integrated Plan! <<


Paid for staying in a hospital


Mark received a cheque from his insurance advisor shortly after he was discharged. A cool $1,000 for his ten-day luxurious stay at the hospital. Apparently, he has a hospital cash policy that compensates him for each day that he is warded.

What do you have to show for your hospitalization? A hole in your wallet, a cast on your broken arm and a rising sense of jealousy.


>> Read about hospital cash benefit here <<


Disability Dole


Due to the severity of the accident, both of you were disabled. Thankfully the injuries were temporary and would heal with time. However, your company HR was upset over your prolonged absence but you managed to keep your job after a long round of persuasion. Nevertheless, you were feeling the pinch of being on unpaid leave.


It is really hard to keep afloat without a monthly pay cheque.


Your friend Mark was enjoying life. He was happily shopping for art pieces online while planning for a holiday once he fully recovers. Later on, you realised that he had been receiving an income-replacement from his disability-income insurance plan.

Your first thought? FML.


>> No idea on how Disability Income plan works? Wonder no more. <<


Post-hospital expenses claim


Leaving the hospital does not signal the end of medical attention. Both you and Mark have to undergo physiotherapy to regain mobility. Diagnostic tests have to be conducted to ensure that the fractures have united properly. Clutches have to be bought to facilitate movement.

What did Mark do? He submitted an insurance claim on all of the above and he even added some TCM receipts too. And he got all of them approved!


Filling up some form and getting money – what a way to live!


You could not take it anymore and finally asked Mark for the contact details of his insurance consultant.


You too can have it all.


We often get the impression that life insurance is all about death, terminal illness or dread diseases. Things that often leave you dead. Insurance does those but also much more.

With the right coverage, you can make your life much easier when calamity strikes. As demonstrated by Mark, an all-around protection portfolio allows one to concentrate on his own recovery, rather than to worry about hospitalization bills, income disruption and post-hospitalization treatments.

Envy no more because you too can have them all.
Contact your financial advisor or let us know if you need a good one and let your inner green-eyed monster lead you to a surprisingly good outcome – a peace of mind.

www.ClearlySurely.com aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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