Sleepless in Singapore

Posted 25 October, 2015 by Surely
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A few days back, I logged onto my insuer’s website to check on my premium due date. To my aghast, I realized that the term policy that I had bought, was missing in the life policy listing.
As the insurer’s hotline was closed, I could not verify whether I had missed out the payment.
I went on to have a sleepless night, worrying if the policy had lapsed

Wearing armour to protect my suddenly worthless life

Wearing armour to protect my suddenly worthless life

Generally a Kia Si person, I had crazy thoughts.
What if I suddenly die tomorrow? My family will not have any insurance payout.
Maybe I should just leave a note so that they can do a minimalist funeral since I left no money for them.

That said, I calmed myself down and decided to quickly request for reinstatement of the policy the next thing tomorrow.
I kept asking myself if I had really forgotten to pay for my premium.

Of course by now, you will realize that this is the con of buying term insurance – once premiums are not paid, your policy will lapse.
You cannot take a premium holiday like a wholelife policy.
Thus, I shall like to remind our readers not to forget your premium if you are on term policy and to arrange it on GIRO if possible.

Luckily, this story does have a happy ending.
It turned out that the insurer’s website just had some display problem when I called the insurer the next day.

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