Quick guide to selling your Future

Posted 14 September, 2015 by Clearly
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Recently had a conversation with a friend about his housing plans. As he outlined his masterplan to me, all I could think of was: What a brilliant way to sell your future!

Here’s the quick guide (narrated by him, summarized by me)

  1. Sell off your existing HDB/EC/subsidized mode of living once the mandatory live in period is up (5 years)
  2. This apparently nets you a profit (realize the gov subsidies, enjoy the inflated sales price net of the interest payments etc)
  3. With this profit, you now have a larger down payment available (more cash in hand) + You can go right ahead to assume you will surely be earning more in the coming year
  4. Buy a place three times as large (or expensive) as the current place you are selling. Down payment is not an issue, so are the newer mortgage payments – because your job is going to pay you more right?
  5. Its a superb investment – properly prices will SURELY rise, and all you need to do is sit back and settle the mortgage payments while your pay SURELY increases as the years go by.

Funny how the objection “I might lose my job in the future and cannot afford the premium” only crops up when it comes to buying insurance.

Do you have any suggestions how else we may sell our future? Let us know in the comments below, we want to work till 75!

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