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Allow me to confess – I am never a fan of superhero movies. The only superhero movie that I had ever paid to watch was Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman series. Even so, the overriding factor was the pretty actress, Kirsten Dunst rather than Peter Parker.

The reason why I dislike superheroes is simple – they do not exist. When you are mugged on the streets, neither Spiderman nor Kickass shall appear from nowhere to fend off the robbers. Villains do exist but X-Men are not around to fight them. Lest you forget, you are on the safe island state of Singapore and not Gotham City so Batman is not risking a parking fine to shield you from a run-away PMD.

Superheroes are not real.
On the other hand, pseudo superpowers may just be within reach.
Don’t go around getting spider bites though but you can get them by getting insurance coverage!


Amazing regenerative power



The ability to recover from an injury is one of Deadpool’s many talents. While you cannot immediately regenerate a limb after it has been severed, you may, however, re-attach them if you can get to a hospital real soon. With modern medical advancement, most injuries and illnesses are recoverable. What is usually crippling is the massive hospital bills that shall ruin your future financially.

Having a hospitalization plan that pays for most of the bills is an ability that you can acquire rather easily. With a combination of cash and CPF Medisave, you can make your medical bills disappear along with your wounds.

And you don’t even have to wear a tight red spandex suit!

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Inbuilt weapon to seek vengeance



You know the script. Behind every superhero, there is a sad background story and how he/she seek revenge for an injustice. With that, the protagonist lacks the depth that all good stories should have.
In any case, we love a comeback story!

Being attacked by an untimely, unfortunate illness set the stage for this second superpower that insurance allows you to have. You don’t have to rely on traditional medical methods to launch a counter-attack. With adequate Critical illness cover, you have the option to go on the offensive, seek out the latest cancer-busting discovery that is yet been available in Singapore and snuff out that murderous disease once and for all.

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Wonderfully abled despite disability


Shit happens in life. We take it on the chin and move on with class and style, just like Professor Xavier. He may be born with Paraplegia but he never let it affect his life. Headhunting talented henchmen, grooming talented mutants and constantly beating the crap out of that magnetic guy are just some of his many achievements.

With disability insurance, you can resume your awesome life with minimal disruptions. With state-of-the-art personal mobility aid and prosthetic limbs, all you need to do is to be able to afford to pay for them. By purchasing sufficient coverage, you can just be like Prof X.

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Sweet early detection sensory



One of Spiderman’s unknown ability is to detect dangers early. His spider-sense sends a tingle down his back whenever a foe is behind him and able to strike. It is quite an awesome gift that all of us love to possess.

We may not be able to automatically detect danger but what we can do is to do regular health check-up. With an early critical illness plan, you shall have all available resources to defeat the dread disease successfully. After all, the survival rate of most illnesses is the best at an early stage.

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Captain Singapura – just a few minutes away.



For those like me who are not action movie or comic fans, you may be glad to know that you can be a competent superhero without superpowers. Captain America does not have any supernatural abilities but still is the leader of the Avengers. What he has done is to optimise his ability to peak conditions.

If you are looking to do the same for your insurance coverage, head on to our Discovery section to suss out your protection gap before taking action to acquire these superpowers! aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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