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The Snorlax chasers were Snorlax themselves before PoGo!

Pokémon Go (PoGo) is the latest global gaming craze.
And Pikachu has officially landed in Singapore for about a week.
Trainers have been trying to catch these yellow cuties and his friends all over the island ever since.

PoGo has dragged many out of the crouch and into the various parks in search of rare Pokémon species.
It is a healthier leisure choice when compared to TV and online gaming.
In just a week, some trainers have clocked over 20 km.
Without PoGo, they would have walked the same distance over a year!


The Snorlax chasers were Snorlax themselves before PoGo!

The Snorlax chasers used to have a tummy themselves before PoGo!


At the same time, PoGo can be a dangerous game.
Stories about people hurting themselves while playing the game have been told.
In Singapore, the cause of an automobile accident is allegedly due to the inconsiderate behaviour of a PoGo trainer.

In my opinion, PoGo is similar to playing any sports.
It is discriminating to only castigate PoGo when jogging, bowling, playing football carries the same risk.
At the same time, I think PoGo gamers must take the necessary precautions when playing.


A Pokestop is like a place of worship. People congregated and prayed for items.

A Pokestop is a place of worship. People congregated and prayed for items.


To their credit, most Singaporean PoGo trainers are pretty disciplined.
It may also be observed that they will merely gather around a Pokestop and surround it.
Only on rare instances whereby an epic character was discovered, then you may find a few of them making a frenzied dash for it.


A Good Insurance Fit for PoGo.


These are some ways how people have hurt themselves when PoGo’ing.
Two men had fallen off the cliff.
Someone had driven his car into a tree but thankfully escaped with minor injuries.
Some were robbed and trespassing became common.


PoGo is hazardous. But everything are.

PoGo is hazardous business.


A Pokémon Go insurance has been hatched in Russia.
Until it comes to Singapore, no insurance will be able to cover you fully.
However, we believe that a Personal Accident (PA) plan may be a good alternative solution.

Let us scour through the benefits that PA insurance may provide for PoGo players.
Ready? Go !


Accidental Death.


Schools have always taught us to prepare for the worst.
The worst that could happen  when PoGo’ing should be death.


To some, missing out on Onix is worse than death.

To some, missing out on Onix is worse than death.


You may choose your PA policy according to the varying benefits.
Most insurers will allow you to choose a low, medium or high accidental death coverage.
If not satisfied with even the maximum benefit offered, you may buy multiple PA plans from different insurers.


Permanent disability.


One may be disabled due to some unfortunate accidents.
The physical impairment may be permanent.
This is also covered by a PA policy.

There is usually a table whereby the claim compensation is listed alongside with the suffered disability.
For example, a loss of both limbs will usually attract 150% of the sum assured.


Ditto has no limbs to claim...

Ditto has no limbs to claim…


Here is a piece of more important information for PoGo players
The loss of the thumb or index finger entitles you a higher compensation than your other finger.


Medical expenses for accidental injury.


You shall not worry about the medical bills when you are injured due to a Pokémon accident.
The PA plan caters to that.
Now you can still focus on the recovery instead of worrying about the expenses.


Hey, the hospital itself is a Pokestop!

Hey, the hospital itself is a Pokestop!


However, it must be highlighted that pre-existing conditions are seldom covered under PA insurance.
Just like any life insurance.


Daily hospital income.


Besides indemnifying your medical cost, PA policies also pay you for each day that you stay in the hospital.
The payout is not high but it is a good-to-have benefit.


But it's enough to buy some Pokecoins !

But it’s enough to buy some Pokecoins !


It must be highlighted that you must stay for a minimal period before it is paid.
You may need to stay at least 24 hours before the benefit starts.
Thus, a day surgery is often excluded.


Income Protector for Temporary Disability.


Some PA plan carries this coverage.
When you are temporarily disabled and unable to work, the policy will compensate you for the loss of income.


If Pikachu can be injured, so can you.

Temporarily out of action. Until I find a healing potion.


For some other plan, it may not be dependent on your salary but based on a stipulated amount.
It may also differ when you buy a higher sum assured PA insurance.

This is especially important for working adults who are big on Pokémon Go.
Now you can chase your Chansey without worries.




For physical injury such as fractures, physiotherapy is an integrated part of the treatment.
You need to rehabilitate so as to make a full recovery.
It is a cost too.

Some of the PA insurance out there do provide this benefit.
It may be capped off at a specific amount so please read your policy carefully.
Regardless of the compensation quantum, it is always great to have some monetary relief when faced with a lengthy and expensive downtime.


Other ailments.


Even the most hardcore PoGo gamers must stop and eat.
However, we usually go where the cute monsters are and the surrounding eateries may not be Michelin standard.
Thankfully, food poisoning is usually covered.


Cutiefly looks kinda like a mosquito

Cutiefly looks kinda like a mosquito


Infectious diseases may be included or you may extend it with some extra premium.
Now you may PoGo with a peace of mind that you are insured against dengue or H1N1.


Completing the Journal.


It must be emphasized that not all the above benefits are present in all PA policies in Singapore.
You gotta read ’em all before you may go out and catch ’em all.

While PA plan is a great fit for PoGo players like myself, we need to keep ourselves safe at all time.
Often thought as an over-reaction but the SPF advisory is a must-read before you go out there and enjoy the game.

Therefore, please enjoy the game and take good care of yourself at the same time.
And always remember.


drive poke
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