5 Ways insurance buying makes you a Real Man

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I was having lunch with a friend the other day.
The ever popular topic of man vs woman popped up.
My self-professed feminist friend started ranting about how men are superficial.

In a typical male fashion, I would not let her speak and interrupted her.
“What do women look for in a man?”
She continued on her tirade before finally answering the question.

Financial security.

Here we are.
An authority in this field had spoken.
With that, we can tell you how to make yourself a real man.
One that ladies will flock towards..


Paying the bills


First impressions count.
The small matter of paying on your first date leave a lasting impact.
Take care of the bills, guys.



Homer giving us a negative demonstration.


Real men do not just settle their women’s dinner checks.
We have to make her feel secure in all financial aspects
Dead or Alive.

That is where life insurance comes in handy.
Term or whole life insurance are your available choices.
Both will be able to provide her with financial support that she may need in your absence.

Mr Dependable.
That is one lovely trait that women admire.


Be the Man of the house


The ultimate aphrodisiac is not a well-toned body or a car.
It is your own place.
There is no way you can get to second base when your parents are making a ruckus in the kitchen.


However, I am wrong if the car is a Ferrari.

However, I am wrong if the car is a Ferrari.


Getting a HDB flat or private property is only half of it.
To be a real man, you have to protect the home zealously.
Nobody and nothing can destroy her little piece of heaven.

Obviously, you cannot stop a fire or other disasters that may come your way.
All you can do is to restore it to its old state.
Home insurance makes sure that you have enough to rebuild your dream home.

In addition, your own death is no excuse for not paying the housing instalments.
Get yourself a mortgage insurance.
Your insurance company will settle all outstanding home loans after your demise.

Taking care of his woman is a life-long duty of a real man.
Do not be mistaken that your responsibility ends when your heart ceases beating.
This duty should only terminate at the end of her life, not yours.


Play doctor


Doctors are the fourth most sexy profession, according to Tinder.
Enough said.
Time to be one.


Hey Honey, could you take your eyes off the hot doctor?

Hey Honey, could you take your eyes off the hot doctor?


Get the relevant degree and make yourself a medical professional?
No, not all of us can or want do that.
Nevertheless, please refer to rule no 1 in this article.

Paying the bills? Yes.
If you can provide financial security in term of healthcare, you are a real man.

Getting a hospitalisation plan is important.
For both of you.
You must be able to afford all her healthcare needs.
Moreover, you must  be financially independent for your own medical expenses.


Be there for Her


You have promised her to love her in sickness and in health.
Living up to the wedding vow is one sure way to be a manly man.
More importantly, you must also take care of yourself, even if you are in poor health.

We are not just talking about keeping yourself fit.
What we referring to are the times where the unexpected strikes.
Cancer, health diseases, accidental injuries, etc




You cannot stop these from happening.
Even the toughest may succumb to adverse health situations.
These are the days when you are physically weak.

You do not want to be financially vulnerable at times like these.
Buy a critical illness insurance.
Do not let your lady worry about your income by having a Disability Income Insurance.


The Family Man


A real man does not just take care of his lady.
He guards his whole family with a watchful eye.
The lady and the children.


But not the mistress !!

But not the mistress !!


It is a lifelong mission.
You have to be omnipresent at every stage to make sure everything is going alright.
From courtship to marriage.
From birth to retirement.

There is an assortment of insurance products to help you along the way.
A maternity policy can help you during the gestation period and up to the baby’s 3 years.
In the event that your child has special needs, you may arrange for proper guardianship through insurance.

Endowment may be a go-to choice for your kid’s future education.
ILPs may provide a risky but rewarding path to financial freedom.

No man can defeat time.
Therefore, a real man needs to conquer his age-related fears with the assistance of anti-aging insurance plans.


Insurance Maketh Man


Want to be a real man that ladies love?
Take care of your special someone and all her needs.

We may have written some parts in jest.
Nonetheless, financial security is one thing that a real man must provide.
Incidentally, insurance is a great tool to make that happen.

“‘Til death do us part” is no longer enough in the modern era.
The love of a real man can and must defeat mortality with the use of insurance.
Be a real man today.

www.ClearlySurely.com aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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