5 Motivational quotes that make no sense in Insurance

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I am going to let you in on my secret pet peeve. You know those motivational quotes that are used to inspire people? I don’t love them.

Whenever someone posts one of those supposedly motivational one-liners on the narcissistic platform called Facebook, I mentally check that person off as a nutcase who cannot be trusted. It is harsh but that is no way to move others. Do you think that Gandhi inspires millions by sitting in front of the PC, posting regurgitative statements and smelling his own farts?


I don’t post much. I just stalk people these days.


Of course not!
To top it off, some of these motivation quotes barely make any sense.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Oh, come on! Your primary school teacher would be embarrassed if you really think that the star is closer to us than the moon. Technically speaking if you miss the moon, you are likely to land back on Earth due to this mystical force that we named as gravity and become a tragic mess of flesh and blood.

Not so motlivaltional now eh?

Am I turning you off with my rants so far? If not, there are more to come.
We shall be going through a whole bunch of motivational clichés that are absolutely nonsensical when applied to life insurance just because I am following my heart.


Failure is not an option. Everyone has to succeed.
– Arnold Schwarzenegger


The guy, who gives us the immortal “I’ll be back” line, also utters these words. While we have no idea of the context, we can safely deduce that it is a horrible piece of advice if the Terminator is a financial advisor. Things go awry in life and that is why we need insurance.

On a second thought, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy’s Law just destroyed Arnold’s quotable quote and there is no coming back this time!


Leap and the net will appear.
– John Burroughs


We understand that this quote is metaphorical in nature so we are not going to make a distasteful joke about suicide (oops, we did it anyway). John hoped to encourage people to chase their dreams without worrying excessively. It is a wonderful concept.

If you believe it too much, it will hurt you. Your family may not have the resource to cope with the daily expenses when you pass on. You are deemed too rich by the means test to qualify for Medifund and too poor to afford your hospital bills. No money is going to appear on your bank statement unless your best friend is Najib.


Just saying – even if the net does appear, it may not hold.


Ironically this line works perfectly in life insurance if and only if you are adequately insured.


Fake it till you make it.
– Unknown


This is a common expression that we loathe. This happens too often for our liking in the insurance industry. Have you ever pose a tough question to your financial consultant and was given an ambiguous answer which you discovered was wrong? Do you always say that you are adequately covered to every insurance advisor out there without knowing the answer?

“Fake it till you make it” is a no-no in our books. The financial consequences of doing so are grave and long-lasting. If you are an advisor, learn to say that you do not know but will find out the answers. Your clients will respect your honesty and you build up your competency when you do this repeatedly.

Find out whether you are adequately insured and take steps to remedy the gap before your lie is called out by a real-life accident or illness.


 Limits, like fear, is often an illusion.
-Michael Jordan


Like gravity, fear may be a non-issue to His Airness but it applies to mere mortals like us. You worry about not being able to afford our medical treatments if something untoward happens to us. We are scared if we lose our ability to work. We fear dread diseases not just because they may kill us but also because they bankrupt us.



Miss me with that gravity shit!

Michael Jordan is never scared of this stuff because he is filthy rich. If you want to be like Mike, make sure that you have the same financial assets as him. Or at least get some insurance coverage.


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
– Audrey Hepburn


Audrey might be an actress, model, dancer and humanitarian but she could never be an insurance underwriter. Imagine a person who has hypertension, diabetes and a history of stroke, cancer and heart attack request for an insurance quotation from Audrey. It is impossible for that insurance company to stay solvent for long.


This should be the face of Adidas “Impossible is Nothing” ad campaign!


A pre-existing condition is the dirtiest word in the insurance universe and it does not look to be going away for some time at least. And that annoys us a lot.


A conclusion is the place where you get tired of thinking.


More aptly put, we are finishing up because this is when you get tired of us sniping at perfectly fine motivation quotes. Admit it though; we have had some fun together. You are not going to look at motivation pieces in the same light ever again.

In any case, you should never ever need any inspiration to get yourself insured. The ability to protect you and your family should serve as sufficient motivation for you to start looking at insurance coverage.

www.ClearlySurely.com aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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