5 Lessons from gaming that increase your Insurance XP

Posted 30 March, 2017 by Surely
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“Stop playing computer games.
It has no use in life.
You are wasting your time away!”

These were the sanitised version of my father’s rants during my growing years.
Of course, it was my duty to ignore him and continue to shoot my enemies’ faces. (on CRT)
Then my ever-so-lovely Mum would walk calmly into the room and switch off the power to my PC.



Pwn by my own Mum.

Pwn by my own Mum.


Like any hardcore gamer, I came up with ways to press on.
Mum tried everything to oppose – including taking away the power connector.
But I would save up and buy myself a new one.
Or wake up in the middle of the night to win the World Cup on FIFA 1998.

It was a valuable lesson – be tenacious and never give up on anything you love.
If you want something badly, you have to pay a price for it.
Skipping meals to save up and giving up precious sleep were just some of my sacrifices.

As an adult gamer, I looked back and found that there were other lessons learnt from gaming.
At times, they are useful in life.
And equally so when it comes to life insurance.

To all the gamers out there, have loads of fun reading up why your well-honed gaming instincts can put you one up, in the field of insurance.

Press start when ready.


1) Going through the tutorial is not a necessity, but good-to-have


Ever had this experience before?
You rush home after buying a highly-rated game.
Install it and start the application.
Choose a super awesome character name and commence the first campaign.

But find yourself at a loss. What do I do now?


You know these controls well but do you know the ASDW of insurance?

You know these controls well but do you know the ASDW of insurance?


The same goes for life insurance.
You can simply buy it willy-nilly.
With or without an advisor.

However, when you have to make an insurance claim, the insurance company informs you that it is not covered.
You have no idea whether you have gotten the right policy or is it a misinterpretation on the insurer’s end.

It is worthwhile to spend some time knowing the insurance basics.

We have something for total insurance noobs Read about insurance here.


2)  You always need some healing potions


Whether you chose to be a barbarian, wizard or paladin, there will be healing potions for you to recover health points.
They come in really nifty, especially when it comes to boss battles.
Regaining your vitality at critical points is the key to victory.
Alas, there is no instant healing ability in modern medicine as of yet.


If I can get healed by her in real life, I will be soooo happy.

She can heal me anytime


What we have are hospitals to tend to our injuries, when we are hurt or ill.
Just like healing potions, staying in a hospital ward requires money.
But you cannot use in-game money to pay the doctors in Singapore.

Having a hospitalisation plan solves that issue.
Especially if you have a fully integrated Shield plan with riders.

Improve your game sense –  Have your hospitalisation plan (and potions) ready at all times.


3) Explore your map and widen your options


Do you lose your battles because you are not equipped properly?
Because you are an expert gamer who knows better than to rush in without scrounging for superior items and random drops.


Fight gun with knife?!

Hard to clutch when all you have is a knife


It is the same for insurance.
In your haste to get cover, you may have missed out better products with greater value.
Well, we do have a time-saving solution to that.

Get your Cheat Code –  Compare life insurance here.


4) Rare items are expensive but worth it


It is never easy to get that ultimate shield of aegis or the best engine upgrade.
Usually, it takes extra in-game currency, effort or some fantastic luck to obtain rare and powerful items.
But once you have it, things get much easier.


You deserve only the best!

You deserve only the best!


How does this translate into the real world of insurance?

Critical illness policies are expensive.
Early ones cost even more.
However, having them makes you a little more financially invulnerable.
That is why (smart) people don’t save on these covers.

Hammering home the point – Read about why you need CI coverage here.


5) You can’t have it all


In most games, there is a limit on the inventory space.
Hence, you have to manage items wisely.
After all, you do not want to walk into a major fight armed with only potions.


I know LBJ is the best player but you can't choose 5 of them.

LBJ is the best player but you can’t choose 5 of them.


Picking the right insurance within your budget is akin to managing your inventory.
You have to choose what suits your needs – and your budget.
Death Cover. Critical Illness. Hospitalization Plans. Disability Insurance. Personal Accident. What needs should come first? And how much to cover? For how long?

Get your Walk-through Guide – Right-size your insurance need with our Robo-advisor.


Our finishing move


Whether your choice of poison is racing, MMORPG or even plain old Counter-strike, these points make perfect sense when it comes to gaming.

They make even more sense when applied to the real world and Life Insurance.

So, don’t be a noob.
Apply your game sense here.
Have fun levelling up in the game of insurance!


www.ClearlySurely.com aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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