We’re launching a brand new way to Prospect for Life Insurance clients [You’re invited to join us]

Posted 29 August, 2019 by Clearly
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This one’s for all the Life Insurance Planners out there


We know your industry, it can be a painful one indeed.

It could consist of long hours of cold calling, enduring endless rejections.

Or it could involve endless roadshows, paying for venues and for the privilege to stand on your feet for half a day.

Perhaps it means constantly running seminars with lukewarm responses.

Did we mention industrial door knocking? (hardly anyone’s favourite activity)


Perhaps too accurate a pictorial description


The reality is, for a vast majority of Financial Planners out there, prospecting is an exhausting process – yet one that is necessary.

But it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any easier, does it?



Clearly Surely knows Life Insurance – and  we’ve got bigger plans now


We’ve been around since 2014. You would know because you’ve supported us since 2014.

We’ve seen all sorts of smokes and mirrors in the industry, companies that employ “Insurtech”, “AI”, “machine-learning” and other “cutting edge” stuff. Don’t get us wrong, technology is nice. (A stapler is also a piece of technology, same as AI. Which is more useful in Life Insurance remains to be seen)

But Life Insurance isn’t about technology now, is it?

(Yes, we can hear you from shout: “It’s about trust! Not about damned machines”)

This industry deserves a proper breakthrough, a solid advancement, instead of vague promises of technology. Consumers and agents alike would be far better off with something that actually WORKS.



So what are we planning next?

We’ve decided that it is time to convert our platform into the new face of Life Insurance distribution.

Specifically, one that users prospect themselves voluntarily.

One that they are delighted to provide the necessary information.

One in which they are eager to understand their own needs and shortfalls.

No push, all pull.

No sell, only inform.

And when users come to the conclusion that they need more coverage – that is where you come in to fill that gap.


Who exactly are we looking for?


A distribution partner with a similar vision and ambition as us.

One that isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty.

One that treats obstacles as challenges to be overcome.

One that is willing to invest time and money.

One that is daring enough to do things in a different way, and with the conviction to stay the course.


Understand this: It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, and it sure as hell takes sacrifices


We’ll say this again:

It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, and it sure as hell takes sacrifices.


If you’re running things in a Life Insurance company and want to partake in the next breakthrough – let us know.

If you’re running things in a Life Insurance brokerage firm and want to explore further – let us know.

If you’re an ambitious agency head or plan to have your own agency within the next 12 months – let us know.

FYI – size is nice, but it’s not the only thing that matters with us. We’re looking for folks that are easy to work with as well.


Simply drop us an email at –

talktous@clearlysurely.com with the subject line: I’m in. Lets chat

(You might be curious to find out how exactly we plan to make users prospect themselves. Just know that Clearly Surely always has some magic left to spare, and this is something that competitors cannot copy)

Let’s change this goddamn industry for good, and make proper money while we’re at it.

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