Life Insurance made f*cking fun: Say hi to Clearly Surely’s Financial Discovery Platform [7 of 7]

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Part 7: Frequently Asked Questions


About Us


What is Clearly Surely?
Depends on who you ask.To our users, we are a breath of fresh air that injects creativity into a niche area of personal finance.

To the current industry giants, we are the very thing they wish they could be – authentic, daring, and refreshingly progressive.


What can I do on Clearly Surely? What is in it for me?
Embark on your own Financial Discovery Journey and understand more about yourself, your finances, and your insurance needs. And having a great time doing so.


Is my personal information safe? I don’t want some pesky insurer calling me to offer me sneakers.
We can objectively say that our databases are safer than the Pentagons’ – because we have never been successfully hacked by North Korean cybercriminals before. We process and store our data in accordance to the most updated security protocols. And you decide if you want to share your data (and how much of it) to our partner agents.

No, they won’t offer you sneakers. That’s just downright tacky.


Are you just another insurance agency? I don’t want to buy!
No, we don’t have a license to provide financial advice, neither do we claim to be able to give financial advice. We simply can’t sell you anything. We can only give you a great time.

Only when you meet up with our partner agents, do you need to decide if you want to address any insurance shortfalls you may have.

Free choice is such a blessing eh?


Why don’t you guys get a license to provide financial advice then?
Ah! We just don’t have the cash. Maybe in the future?


About using the Platform


I answered wrongly for one of the quizzes, how now brown cow?
Never fear, we are here to rescue you! Just edit it from your dashboard.

#forwardthinking #amazing


What if I don’t have any Insurance? Can I still go through the quizzes?
Why of course. In fact, the majority of our users do not have Insurance or are still unsure about what they have. Using the platform gives you a clearer idea about what you might need, and how Insurance actually works.


Will you give me financial advice? So I don’t need to go to my agent?
From a legal standpoint, we can’t. Even though we have tonnes of wisdom about the subject matter, in the land of Singapore, this sort of thing needs a license and unfortunately, we can’t afford it yet.

So yeah, bummer. But we do partner up with a bunch of really good agents, so at least there’s that.


So what if I top the leaderboards? Is there a prize?
There are gems given away periodically for doing well on the leaderboards, so always try your best! You will always be guaranteed something if you hit at least the top 8 positions.


I gave my consent to meet with an agent, is the person good? Trustworthy? I don’t like to waste my time with noobs.
We filter out the noobs, the unscrupulous, and clueless. Within the scene, we are well known for having a high standard for selecting partner agents.

There is a face to face interview, and a series of hypothetical tests that they have to run through. If they even give us a vibe that they are untrustworthy, we drop them like a bad habit.

And as always, we also conduct satisfaction interviews with our users periodically.


After doing all the quizzes and giving my consent, what do I do now? Life just became meaningless.
We feel you fam.

But there is so much more you can do now that you’ve completed your journey.

Help others complete theirs, by referring your friends to use the platform. Answer our Question of the Day to start your day right.

And socialize with us on social media – that is where much of the action is.


Do I get anything if I refer a friend? I’d like to earn some commission, please.
You get something far better than commissions, my friend. You get the warm afterglow of satisfaction, knowing that you’ve helped a fellow human being.

You also have gems and experience points as a reward.


About the Rewards


What are the Gems for? Can I use it as cash? Free money?!?!
As the name suggests, gems are valuable. When you purchase any insurance from our partner agents, you are entitled to enjoy a specific amount of rebate off your premiums.

If you have enough gems (1 gem is notionally equivalent to 1 SGD),we will deduct the gems and send you the money!


What if I don’t have enough gems? What do I do?
Easy. There are always ways to get some more. Refer your friends to join the platform, that’s an easy 100 Gems right there per successful referral.

Answering QOTD daily will also accumulate more gems than you expect. Slow and stead wins the gems race. There are also reviews, testimonials, feedback, etc that you can contribute – you get gems (and exp) for doing those too!


Can I transfer my gems / achievements to another account?
No. Unless your name starts with K and ends with eeanu Reeves.


Is there any expiry date for the gems that I have accumulated?
Also, no. They will be there till the end of time.


Can I get the gift pack without meeting up with your agent?
No. Surely you did not go through all this just to get cute merch, right?
That is totally missing the point about being properly insured, which is our end goal for everyone on our platform.


About the Merch


I love Candy the Corgi! Do you have any other merchandise I can buy?
We love Candy too! And her merch is generally not for sale, but can only be obtained through purposeful action!

Like meeting up with our partner agents, or participating in any of our wacky marketing campaigns.


Will you guys create more merch?
For sure. If you have any cool ideas, we wanna hear about it!
Reach out here or email us:


What’s this about 5 collectible pins?
Oooh, thought you would never ask. These are 5 custom made enamel pins made out of the cutest Candy designs we have. Collect all 5 of them and claim a mystery prize!

You can read about this in Part 4 of this guide series.


Clearly Surely seems fun! Do you have social media I can follow?
Instagram: @clearly.surely

We give shoutouts to our contributors! 


And that’s a wrap – here’s something to make your day:



If you haven’t done so – create your account, and we’ll see you on the inside.


Part 1: Introducing our newest creation
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Part 4: Rewards
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Part 7: Frequently Asked Questions is a refreshing new way to approach Life Insurance – with humour and fun,  bound together by imagination.

Our Financial Discovery Platform provides hours of entertainment while providing an overall view of your insurance adequacy.

If you’re curious about how we can make a dry subject nearly as wholesome as Keanu Reeves, join our community today

We have been eradicating the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance since 2015, and have a vision that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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