Life Insurance made f*cking fun: Say hi to Clearly Surely’s Financial Discovery Platform [5 of 7]

Posted 23 September, 2020 by Clearly
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Part 5: Random Delights and Surprises


We’re nothing if not consistently unpredictable, especially in our quest to keep things fresh. And a huge part of the fun is always changing things up – preferably with pleasant surprises.

This section of the guide provides a glimpse of the subtle things we’ve littered every so unpredictably to always keep you at the edge of your seat, heart racing with anticipation and white-knuckled with excitement.

At least that is the plan lah, you can’t knock us for not trying.


Wacky marketing campaigns


Oh boy.

Where do we even start with this one?

A special platform like ours prides itself on doing things differently, and this applies to all our marketing campaigns as well. 

Every two months or so (you can time it with an atomic clock), we are scheduled to run something big(ish) in terms of marketing. 

Without letting the cat out of the bag, here are some tantalizingly incomplete descriptions of the campaigns we plan to run:


– A very public proposal to get intimate with all our users (yes, intimate)

– A daring plan to procure a National Icon

– A quest to rid the industry of shitty ads (yeah, we oughta do something about it)

– Hiring a rapper to sing our praises, but…

– Offering to slap your friends/buddies. Either we slap some good financial sense into them, or we actually slap them. There’s a twist though…


…but you’ll just have to follow our social media closely to find out.

No topic too taboo!


Special collectible pins


Each time we run a campaign, there will be a limited number of unique collectible pins given to all our participants.

There are a total of 5 such pins (we didn’t want to do 6, because *Thanos*)



Still, for the select few that manage to collect them all, we have a special reward to give out. 


Actual recorded response of user after seeing the mystery prize


Yeah, its gonna be worth your time. For sure.

Once again, follow our social media handles to be the first to know!


Question(s) of the Day


Each day we also screen a question on our dashboard, aptly named Question of the Day (QOTD).

It could cover anything from psychology, behavioral finance, fantasy, or even good ole Life Insurance.

Answering these will give you a chance to gain exp and CS gems. You can find it on the dashboard.



Now you have a great incentive to rush to your work desk every morning and stare intently at your screen!


Rewards for being a friend of Clearly Surely


The next section of the guide (Part 6) shows the various ways that you can help us be a better version of ourselves, by contributing your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions – and even more. 

And for these friends of Clearly Surely, we have in store some unique rewards from time to time.

These include, but are not limited to:

– handwritten letters from our founders
– limited edition stickers of Candy (not available elsewhere)
– SM shoutouts
– Bonus Gems and Exp

And for our greatest benefactors, free Insurance.

This is our way of saying thank you for helping us learn, improve, and grow.

So yes, if you haven’t already – sign up for your account and complete that Financial Discovery Journey.

Part 6 will detail the many ways you can help us out, and officially be a friend of Clearly Surely. See you there!


Part 6: How you can contribute


Part 1: Introducing our newest creation
Part 2: Platform Walkthrough
Part 3: How to maximize your experience
Part 4: Rewards
Part 5: Random Delights and Surprises
Part 6: How you can contribute
Part 7: Frequently Asked Questions is a refreshing new way to approach Life Insurance – with humour and fun,  bound together by imagination.

Our Financial Discovery Platform provides hours of entertainment while providing an overall view of your insurance adequacy.

If you’re curious about how we can make a dry subject nearly as wholesome as Keanu Reeves, join our community today

We have been eradicating the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance since 2015, and have a vision that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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