Life Insurance made f*cking fun: Say hi to Clearly Surely’s Financial Discovery Platform [4 of 7]

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Part 4 – Rewards



Time to get right down to the business end of why you might really want to give this platform a good go:

We give out great stuff. Metaphorically and literally. 

No messing around, lets jump right into it.


Clearly Surely Gems


What are they?
Precious stones from the famed lands of ClearlySurely.



How can I get them?
By using the site. Each time you take an action, you will be rewarded with these shiny, digital things.

Examples of actions include:

-Answer questions
-Ranking up
-Get Achievements
-Do well enough on the leaderboards
-Upload a valid policy
-Refer a friend (or a dozen) to the platform


How can I use them?
Once you’ve completed your financial discovery journey and met up with our appointed agent partners, these gems can be rebated for cash (yes, cash) based on any policies you may have purchased to cover your shortfalls. 

You will receive an indicative rebate amount before the purchase from our agent partners.


What’s the notional value of each CS Gem?
It is equivalent to 1 SGD worth of rebate.


What’s the one thing I really need to know?
The closer you are to completing your journey, the higher in value your actions become. In other words, you get more and more gems towards the end for every action.


Experience Points


What are they?
Points of experience. Seek explanation from a youth, aged 9 to 20 if you are unclear.


How can I get them?
By using the site. Each time you take an action, you will be rewarded with these digital things.

Examples of actions include:

-Answer questions
-Rank Up
-Get Achievements
-Upload a valid policy
-Refer a friend (or a dozen) to the platform


How can I use them?
You don’t have to. We do the hard work for you. Accumulate enough experience points and you will rank up. 

So why do I need to rank up?
Because its freaking shiok to progress. If you disagree, get the same aforementioned youth to explain the concept of ranking up to you.

Fine, I ranked up. Then what?
When you hit the highest rank, you will achieve a sense of accomplishment not felt since drinking NEWater straight from the bottle. And ranking up fully is one of the achievements you need to complete, in order to receive our super-duper mystery completion merch prize.  

Simi is merch?


What’s one thing I really need to know about experience points?
It’s really a way to track your own process and engagement with the platform. When progress is tracked, people tend to stick to their original goals far more consistently. Yes, we are backed by science.


The completion Gift Pack


What is it?
It is a set of merchandise (or merch, for the uninitiated) that we have assembled for you, upon completion of your financial discovery journey.

It comprises of:
– A custom made enamel pin
– An awesome lanyard
– 2 impossibly cute stickers
– A handwritten thank you card

Though you can’t see it, it also contains our love and gratitude for you having completing this journey with us.



How can I get it?
Firstly, you have to complete the entire journey. Secondly, you have to physically meet up with our appointed partner agents in order to receive the gift pack. (Its kinda costly to ship, because our feelings are so heavy inside the pack)


How can I use the pack?
So glad you asked. 

The pin can be shown off on any article of clothing, up to and including formal business wear. (It really brings out the creative vibe in you)

The lanyard can be shown off to all your friends and coworkers who will be dying of envy inside while pretending to pass remarks like “Just got cute dog only what, good meh?”

The stickers go very well on your handphone or your laptop. Our more devout users paste it on their foreheads, but we say: leave that to the fanatics. 

And finally, the card can be framed up and hung on any wall in lieu of an art piece, where decades later, it can be part of your family heirloom.


What’s the one thing I really need to know about the Gift Pack?
Its the best part of using the platform, and its contents CANNOT be bought.


Achievement Badges


What are they?
Badges of honor that you obtain, as you perform specific actions on the platform.



How do I obtain them?
Perform specific actions on the platform. For example, these include:

– Completing each section of the journey
– logging in consecutively for 3 days
– reaching specific ranks
– referring friends onto the platform
– answering a certain number of QOTD (questions of the day)
– providing a review or testimonial

The full list of badges can be found on your dashboard after your account has been created.


How do I use the badges?
You need to show them off every chance you get. After that is done, take special note that once you collect all the badges, you will receive a super-duper mystery completion merch prize from us. 

PS. More people have climbed Mount Everest compared to the number that have received this prize. (Here’s a way safer way to show off your accomplishments to the world without freezing your nose off)


Your life is complete once you tick this off your bucket list


What’s one thing that I really need to know about Achievement badges?They can’t be bought, and they can only be gotten through your own effort. But the super-duper mystery completion merch prize is worth it.


The Leaderboard


Ok, so this one isn’t really a reward per se, but rather a reward tied to your activities on the platform. So its a reward of sorts. Don’t argue.

What is it?
Its actually a combination of 4 boards that tracks the progress and ranking of 4 aspects of the platform, across all our users.

The 4 boards are:

Gems Meister – the number of gems gained for the week
Top Dog – the rankings of all users, based on total experience points gotten
Fast and Furious – the number of exp points gained for the week
The Influencer – the number of friends referred for the month


How can I get on the boards?
By completing those actions that have the most benefit to you and those around you: answering questions, QOTD, referring friends, uploading policies, etc.


What benefits do I have for ranking well on the leaderboard?
Other than the Top Dog board, the others all have gems rewards once the specified week or month is over. The higher your ranking, the more gems you get to claim.

The Top Dog board is an on-going, evergreen challenge that does not reset. It is just there for bragging rights!


What’s the one thing I really have to know about the Leaderboard?
Slow and steady wins the race. 


Part 5 has more details about other random delights and surprises you can find on this platform


Part 1: Introducing our newest creation
Part 2: Platform Walkthrough
Part 3: How to maximize your experience
Part 4: Rewards
Part 5: Random Delights and Surprises
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Part 7: Frequently Asked Questions is a refreshing new way to approach Life Insurance – with humour and fun,  bound together by imagination.

Our Financial Discovery Platform provides hours of entertainment while providing an overall view of your insurance adequacy.

If you’re curious about how we can make a dry subject nearly as wholesome as Keanu Reeves, join our community today

We have been eradicating the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance since 2015, and have a vision that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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