Life Insurance made f*cking fun: Say hi to Clearly Surely’s Financial Discovery Platform [1 of 7]

Posted 23 September, 2020 by Clearly
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Part 1: Introducing our latest creation





That’s what we’ve been up to. That’s why you’ve haven’t heard a peep from us for a pretty long time. But hey! We’re back with a vengeance, and ever so proud to announce the launch of our new platform. We promise its worth the wait.


Spell casting Corgis can’t be a bad thing


What is the new site all about?


An entirely self-guided Financial Discovery journey that users (like you) can be entertained and informed on the various aspects of Life Insurance, investing, and personal finance.

This journey culminates with a whole host of rewards and perks for taking positive action (more on that later).


What we’ve done differently



And we really do mean everything.


From the creation of a new mascot (Candy the Corgi), to a highly personalized experience from start to finish, we’ve pulled out all the stops here.


You want no holds barred – that is exactly what you get. No stale, politically correct meanderings from us – everything is straight to the point, and pronto. Over hundreds of memes were specially created for this journey, just like this one:


You really wanna talk huh?


During this journey of self-discovery, we’ve provided various hypothetical scenarios to see how each user well each user stands up to each “stress test”, by using the actual data gathered for computation.

Underlying all of this is an entire framework of gamification features that make the experience even more enjoyable, like special achievements and friendly competitions with other users. This is just the tip of the iceberg!


So what’s in it for you?


The intention of our site is to let users understand themselves better, how they approach certain financial quandaries, and what sort of financial situation they are in now.

Not only do they get a bird eye’s view of all the insurance coverage they currently have, there is also a validation of whether the coverage is sufficient (or not).

Along the way, we also reward users with CS gems for using the platform, and those gems can be redeemed for warm fuzzy cash once the journey is complete! And to top it all off, we provide all users that take action with a unique gift pack – see Part 4 of this series for more details.



Did we mention also: since this is a personal journey, you can start when you want, progress at your own pace, and reap the benefits when you are ready.

That is control that many third world dictators would kill to have. (and they probably have)

(but no cute corgis were harmed in this process. In fact, some of them got quite fat)


Who is going to benefit from using the platform


We want to be melodramatic and say EVERYONE, but that simply isn’t the case.

Perhaps some qualifier statements would be clearer: Anyone that is unsure about how to approach Life Insurance, but loathes to delve deep into long passages of convoluted explanations.


Anyone who is keen to have fun and enjoy the financial discovery process, and isn’t offended by progressive thinking and no bullshit language (we’re looking at you, Karen)

Anyone that wants to make only informed decisions based on actual data, and not due to hearsay or popular opinion.

Anyone that wants to have a good deal and enjoy rebates on their Life Insurance. Our platform caters to these people most perfectly.


Great, how do I use the platform?


Easier than pie. (or even easier than getting abs in 2 weeks, if you believe a certain Chloe Ting)


If you can’t wait to get started, click on this link here.


After you’ve created your account, just follow the directions provided – and enjoy the ride!


Part 2 is a general walkthrough on the platform, so you know are mentally prepared on what to expect. 


Part 1: Introducing our newest creation
Part 2: Platform Walkthrough
Part 3: How to maximize your experience
Part 4: Rewards
Part 5: Random Delights and Surprises
Part 6: How you can contribute
Part 7: Frequently Asked Questions is a refreshing new way to approach Life Insurance – with humour and fun,  bound together by imagination.

Our Financial Discovery Platform provides hours of entertainment while providing an overall view of your insurance adequacy.

If you’re curious about how we can make a dry subject nearly as wholesome as Keanu Reeves, join our community today

We have been eradicating the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance since 2015, and have a vision that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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