Why your personal saving is not enough

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I still remember the day that I learned about the strength of numbers.
The date and time had been long forgotten.
But how the lesson went remains vivid in my mind.

Mr Ang was a short man with a slender frame.
He taught us Mandarin when I was in Primary 3.
Unlike most teachers in my era, Mr Ang did not carry a scowl on his face all day long.
He could be firm at times but was generally a nice and friendly teacher.

When Mr Ang walked into the classroom that day, I noticed that he was clutching onto a few pairs of wooden chopsticks in his left hand.
After settling us down, he held up a pair of them and said to us.

“This is a pair of chopsticks. As you can see, it can break easily.”

He bent the wooden sticks into submission and they became twos easily.
Next, he took out the whole bunch of chopsticks and asked the strongest boy in the class to try to break them together.
As expected, he couldn’t do it.


My neighbour certainly did not enjoy me breaking a couple of his Mikado Spiel that day.

My neighbour certainly did not enjoy me breaking a couple of his Mikado Spiel that day.


“You see, class. When you are alone, you break easily. However, when you have friends and family around you, they help you cushion the force together.”

It was a powerful message right there.
The strength of the collective trumps the strength of even the hardiest individual.


What you save alone is not sufficient.


You can be the most disciplined saver and put aside more than half of your income into savings.
And even that may not be sufficient.

When an injury or illness strikes, you only get to use whatever you have deposited into your bank account.
Maybe with a miserly less than 1% interest.
If you are really young at that time, your accumulated wealth will not even be enough to pay for your hospital bills.

What can you do about that right?
It is impossible to save beyond what you have earned!


Harnessing the strength of the collective


What if we tell you that there is a way?
A way for you to harness the strength of others to save yourself.
A method for you to multiply your savings by several times when you need it the most?

Insurance is the answer.
It is the key that can unlock the savings of others for you.
Thanks to insurance, you can count on that collective strength.



Unlock this and enjoy the collective wealth beyond.


What insurance does is to pool the savings of its members.
When a member of the pool encounters difficulties, he or she gets to claim a certain amount from the pool.
Usually, this amount is much higher than what every member can possibly save on his or her own.

Whether you are young or old, you stand to benefit from that pool as long as you decide to contribute to that.
If you think about it, it actually makes a lot more financial sense for you to start getting insurance when you are young.
Because you are basically enjoying the years of savings from the older but perfectly healthy members of that insurance pool at a low cost!


Be a member today.


Many have bemoaned about the poor returns on their policies.
The truth is that insurance has always been about pooling savings together so as to provide a stronger, better assurance when bad things happen.

It is never about the returns.
And as meagre the returns are, they are usually higher than what you get if you have kept your savings in the bank.

Look at your bank savings today and ask yourself this question.
Are your savings sufficient to save yourself?  

And if the answer is no, what are you waiting for?
Join an insurance pool today.
And have the backing of millions when you really need it.

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