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Posted 21 October, 2015 by Surely
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Surely's favourite holiday picture

As we are approaching the end of the year, our attention is drawn towards the holiday season.
Many families in Singapore pick this festive period to go abroad since it coincides with the school vacation.
Thus, it is a good time to talk about travel insurance.

Surely's favourite holiday picture

Surely’s favourite holiday picture

What is travel insurance ?

It is a insurance plan that aims to cover you during your period of overseas travel.
You may choose between per trip or annual basis.
Per trip basis is more well-known. However, frequent flyers may find annual travel insurance more convenient and economical.

Why should I buy travel insurance if I have comprehensive life, healthcare and accident policies ?

Because there is no such thing as too much insurance
No, not really. There are cases of too much insurance.
It is because there are some coverage provided in travel insurance that are not available in other forms of insurance. They are namely

  • travel delays / cancellation / postponement / curtailment
  • baggage delay / loss / damage
  • loss of money / travel documents / personal belonging
  • emergency medical evacuation
  • personal liability

The above are benefits that are common to most travel insurance offered by Singapore insurers. There may be more, so do read up and see which coverage you require the most

When should I buy travel insurance ?

This is one question that one usually overlooks.
As a kiasu Singaporean, we should purchase travel insurance as soon as we make any booking of hotels, air tickets or tour packages.
This way, we can cover for any unfortunate events that may cause your trip cancellation – insolvency of tour agencies, natural disaster, illness, etc.

Got discount a not ?

Good news ! Some insurers are currently offering year-end promotions for their travel insurance.
We have done up some research and you can check them out at the end of this blog post.

Alternatively, you may consider buying in groups instead of individually. That way, you may enjoy group discount.

Which countries should I go ?

Unfortunately we cannot advise you where to go. Taiwan !!
However, you may wish to look at the Travel Advisory Notices by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to avoid certain countries. In certain situation, some insurers will stop insuring people heading to perilous areas as advised by MFA.

Ok set. Lets go !

Wait a moment.
For a peace of mind, please register yourself at MHA e-Register so that they may know where and how to look for you in emergency situations.
Show me the discount. Now !

A non-comprehensive list of travel promotions, arranged alphabetically and in no order of preference. Accurate as of time of blog post.

HL Insurance (discount for online purchase)
MSIG (til 14 Feb 2016)
NTUC Income (til 31 Oct 2015)
Tenet (til 15 Dec 2015)

Want to share with us of more great deals ?
Leave us a comment. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

  1. Helen Cheong

    Be aware of AVIVA’s travel insurance! They advertised an attractive claim for change of travel plan costs. But when I submit the claim as my dad had a stroke, AVIVA used the medical insurance’s exception to refute my claim due to it wa am “..existing condition” ! I bought travel plan NOT medical insurance. what a scam!!!

  2. Surely *

    We are sorry to hear about your encounter and hope your father is recovering well.

    For travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions, we only know NTUC Income one has coverage for that. But you need to declare it upfront and pay additional premium.

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