The Greatest Gift that Money can Buy

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Imagine this.
You are sitting at a restaurant, finishing up a lovely meal with your brother, Pete.
Both of you are enjoying the dessert, the wine and the voluptuous figure of your waitress.


That's what both of you are here for.

That’s what both of you are here for.


Let’s also pretend that the birthdays of all your loved ones are around the corner.
And you are clueless about what to get them. While sipping on the excessively sweet Moscato,  you ask Pete.

“What is the best gift that I could give to Mum and Dad? Perhaps to save time, it may be something that I can also buy for my wife and kids.”

Looking up for just a second and raising a finger to signal for you to wait, Pete polishes off the last mouthful of his creme brulee.  Wiping his lips, he sit up straight and said,


It all makes sense. Pete has lost his job a fortnight ago.
He must have since decided to sell insurance as his next occupation.

“Damn it Pete, I am not buying any insurance from you if you are now an agent!”

“No no… I am not. Just let me tell you why.”
Pete retorted.

Now let your imagination sketch out a little further.
This is what your sibling may say.


Dad has everything he needs. Protect his retirement instead. 


A proud grandfather and a loving husband, he is.
Retirement has been meticulously planned out.
Well, with his daily doses of morning qigong, he may just be fitter than you.

A Mont Blanc pen perhaps? He does not write much nowadays.
The latest phone? Nah, he has his old faithful Nokia.
His life is all about simple joys – spending time with grandchildren & making sure his pet dog is well.
There is nothing you can buy that will make him happier.

Healthcare cost in Singapore is on the uptrend.
A fracture from a fall may cost thousands.
And Medishield Life alone is insufficient.

When you purchase a healthcare plan for Dad, he will not be happier at that point.
However, recent studies have shown that having meaning in life is more important than being happy.
By shielding his retirement from the ravenous hunger of medical cost, you allow Dad to pursue what is meaningful to him.


One thing for sure - cardboard exercise is not on the cards.

One thing for sure – cardboard exercise is not on the list.


This applies to Mum too.
What it really gives them is a peace of mind that they do not feel that they are a burden to the family, even if they require some expensive medical procedures.
For the elderly, that means a lot.


Your wife has given all she can. A little rest when she needs it.


Manolo Blahnik shoes.
Maybe a Hermes clutch.
Or a bunch of flowers.

She likes all of these.
Even though she does not profess aloud, she loves the family more than these material possessions.

That is why she still cooks after a long day at work.
That is why she takes care of the house even when she is dead beat from chasing the toddler all day.
That is why she insists on giving you a hug before you head out for work.


Try this routine. It starts your day on a bright note. Every single day.


That is also the reason why you should take care of her at all times.
Helping out around the house, showing her concern and performing a little romantic gesture occasionally.

It is not arduous to do all that when times are good.
What if she is down with a serious illness?

That paper-thin hospitalization bill has squashed your bank balance.
The loss of her income just makes things worse.
You suspect that your son is keeping a pet mouse but you can’t verify it amidst the mess that you called home.

A critical illness policy would have helped immensely.
It buffers the impact of those large medical bills and loss of income.
It allows you to focus on things that matter the most.
Your wife and the loved ones.

Let her fight the killer without any worry.
Hopefully it is a gift that she cannot get to use.
However, it will become the most important present you have ever gotten for her when the need arises.


Giving your child an equal start for the future.


In 2015, 28.2% of Singapore resident has attained university education.
That is a 10.7% increase from 10 years ago.

Sure, you have survived well without a proper qualification.
That was the past.
Can your children make it in life without a diploma or degree?


This will happen a lot when you do not have the paper qualifications.

This will happen a lot when your paper qualification is lacking.


As parents, we want to give our kid a headstart in life.
Well, a tertiary education is no longer one.
It is actually the minimum by the time the child grows up to be a working adult.

This is not a kiasu dad speaking.
This is the voice of a reasonable and pragmatic parent who want to stretch out the potential of the kid if he or she can make the grade.

Whether you choose between an endowment policy or the more risky Investment-linked policy, you must start saving up for your kid’s future.
The child may not thank you now.
But he will be..


An warmth that permeates, even when the fire has been long extinguished.


Without a doubt, the best gift you can ever give is love.
It is invisible but yet it envelopes one with a warm, wholesome feeling.
You cannot buy it but you can give it away in unlimited quantities.

True love should be forever.
Alas, human beings have an expiry date.
How do you preserve your love to last a little longer?

The answer is life insurance.
It is like honey that doesn’t go bad.
A diamond that does not stop sparkling.


Warming up your soul.

Warming up your soul.


The best part?
This love is transferable to the loved ones who needs it the most.

Bequest your insurance proceedings to the parents when you are single.
Change your beneficiary to your spouse when you are married.
Write a will and nominate your children upon your retirement.
You can even donate it to the charity that you so strongly believe in.

Want your love to continue warming up the hearts of your kins?
Get the best preservative today.


A Gift with Impeccable Timing


The usually reliable MRT breaks down on the day of your interview.
Your trusty secretary is sick when you are at your busiest.
Help seems to be missing at the exact moment that you need it the most.

That is not so with life insurance.
When life is going on great, it waits on the sideline.
Like an ambulance, it arrives on time when you need it the most.

Isn’t that a perfect gift that you want to bestow upon your love one?
One that you can actually purchase.


I am convinced. May I have 10 please?

I am convinced. May I have 10 please?


Get your presents ready today.
Don’t wait until the next X’mas (which is a long way to go).
If you need help in picking up the right gift, let us help you. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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