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On hindsight, Daniel should have known.
There was an unusual smell in Tiffany’s school uniform.
She had been returning home late with a flushed face.

Usually vibrant and talkative, she had been reserved and unresponsive for the past weeks.
She also had been requesting for more pocket money for her books.
Daniel thought it was part and parcel of her growing up.


They all grow up so fast.

They all grow up so fast.


Until the CNB officers came to the house and arrested Tiffany for substance abuse.
Daniel wept and blamed himself for not taking an earlier intervention.
He should have noticed the changes and taken action.


Always expect changes


Changes are inevitable.
There is nothing permanent except change.
Nothing endures but change.

These are some quotes about changes
Regardless if they are from famous people or juts me. the message is all the same.
Like it or not, things change.



“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster.” – Elon Musk


It might be sudden, unexpected and impactful.
The colleague that you secretly hated so much fell off the stairs and had to take a long hospitalization leave.
Before you may rub your hands in glee, your manager dumped all his work onto your table.

Changes can be slow, gradual and expected.
When you place a green bean into the soil, you do expect a bean sprout and not an apple tree.

Unlike Daniel, you do not want to be caught unaware.
You want to take early action instead of reacting to changes.
Thankfully, there are some changes in life that you apply the insurance band aids on.




As soon as the ink starts on your marriage cert, you have exactly 1 year to annul it.
However, you do not want to wait till a year later to do your financial review as you intend to enjoy the marital bliss til death does you part.


Is it just me or these wedding bands look a lot like handcuffs?

Is it just me or these wedding bands look a lot like handcuffs?


Planning a fantastic, posh wedding celebration is not all you need to do.
You have to add your spouse to your list of dependents.
Even if he/she is a working adult, you need to leave some money as a gift.

Already catered to that?
You may wish to amend your nominees and beneficiaries in view of the change in your Facebook relationship status.


Having a baby


A child may be the next natural step after marriage.
Tons of added responsibilities are the by-products of having a baby.
You need to act decisively to shield both your offspring and yourself from unexpected changes.

Even during the pregnancy stage, it is important to get a maternity insurance.
We love to have a smooth sailing gestation and delivery but it does not always occur.
It is never too late to get one.


Actually it will be too late to get one if the baby has already been born.

Actually, it will be too late to get one if the baby has already been born.


After birth, you want to make sure that the medical and healthcare insurance are in place.
At the same time, your newborn seems to be really bright.
Before you may ring up your university professor to inform him of an intelligent kid that you are sending to him 18 years later, you may want to make sure you have money to foot the education bill.




Not yours.
You cannot plan earthy matters from heaven.
The passing of anyone close to you will change things.


Maybe I can send 4D numbers via dreams right?

Maybe I can send 4D numbers via dreams, right?


You may get a large inheritance.
Additional burden may be placed upon your shoulders.
The death of a loved one is definitely a harrowing experience but the consequences may vary.

If you have to take care of the dependents of the deceased, you may have to increase your protection sum of your insurances.
Should the loved one had named you as one of the beneficiaries, you will experience his or her love on a first hand basis.
You will want to pass that on by reviewing your insurance portfolio.




You have made it past marriage and childbirth.
Due to your expert eye for investment and high earning capacity, you can retire early.
With more time on your hand, you will want to review your financial situation.

Disability income insurance – time to cut them out if you are no longer making a wage.
Perhaps, your children may be independent by then so you may not want to spend your precious retirement funds for your term policies.


Keeping yourself physically and financially fit.

Keeping yourself physically and financially fit.


You may be as fit as a 20-year-old but the wear-and-tear on your body is much higher.
It may be high time to review your medical insurance.
Undoubtedly healthcare insurance will be more costly at an advanced age but it is more expensive to pay the medical bills.

Do remember that retirement means the end of corporate insurance that you may be enjoying.
It is a change that people often overlooked.
Financial review at this stage is important to make sure that you are properly insured.


Parting words


We love it when things are going fine.
Changes are not wanted.
But the only constant thing is life is change.

That is the reason why we have to keep ourselves one step ahead of these changes.
Try to forecast what you may need instead of reacting when the change occurs.

We cannot stop changes that may alter our great way of life.
However, we can make use of insurance to get us back on the path when change threatens to derail our lives. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

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