Not money, Not motivation: The one thing you need to have before buying Life Insurance

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Poetry in Motion: The well oiled machine at work


It is indeed a sight to behold. Never in history of mankind have we ever seen such a technological marvel that works absolutely the way that its owners intended. Never breaking down, never needing any maintenance, and always humming along and doing its job 24/7.

Which machine are we talking about?

The excuse machine, of course.

When it comes down to buying coverage and protection, no other machine works as tirelessly and with breathtaking efficiency.


Gypsy Danger

Our mighty excuse machine at work: Guarding against any thoughts of actually doing something


Why consider insurance?
I am 22, hardly old enough.

Why consider insurance?
My grandparents lived well into their 90s without so much as a cough, I’m genetically gold.

Why consider insurance?
Alright, but when I get a raise and a promotion and a bonus. Money’s tight right now.

Why consider insurance?
I want to do a systematic comparison of all available plans, you can never be too careful.

Why consider insurance?
It won’t hurt to wait till a mega discount comes along. Insurance prices aren’t low.

Why consider insurance?
Yes, but 3 years into the future? I am saving for a house right now – every bit helps.


You get the idea. Your machine probably works just fine too. I know even mine was, even till about a month ago. (Debating if I should increase my cover by 25% and extending it all the way to age 65. Finally went ahead with it, approximately doubling my annual insurance cost. Next up: A Whole Life Plan)


What is needed to shut it down?


Surprisingly enough, it isn’t what you think. It isn’t money. Nor is it motivation.

Most people think that once they have enough money, the cost of insurance will be negligible.

The same goes for motivation. We don’t wake up one morning with infused with the sudden urge to grab a couple of policies. (If you did, head to the nearest hospital or polyclinic – an immediate MRI scan is in order)


So really, what is the one thing we need to shut the excuse machine down, and get on with doing the right thing?

(By the way, this also works for other areas in your life, like health and relationships. Clearly Surely isn’t turning into a personal motivation site for sure, but its alright for the first post of 2018. New year lah)

Ready for it?



Karate Kid

Does Mr Miyagi see a fly, or does he see an opportunity to show off? That, is a matter of perspective


What exactly is Perspective, pray tell


We consulted Doctor G who referred us to Cambridge’s online dictionary about perspective:
a particular way of considering something

That too vague to support our POV (perspective, heh) here, so we added our own definition.

Perspective: The ability to see how reality can unfold, instead of clinging on to beliefs which may not be true


Eh… Ok. But how can perspective help?


When you see reality as it is, perspective crashes right through to wreck the excuse machine. What then is the reality I am referring to?

Life happens on its own terms. It is beautiful, abundant, and joyful – but there is absolutely no guarantee that you can partake fully in it. In other words, Life-Chan is pretty unpredictable.

Don’t take our word for it.


Ask Wilym Koh, a high flying executive with a great career and 2 wonderful daughters. Wilym contracted stage 4 renal cancer and spoke passionately about his message till his last days.

Ask Madam Lim, who ran a successful trading company with her husband until he stubbed his toe and paid the ultimate price when diabetic complications took over.

Ask the family of Sing Yu, a beautiful undergrad who was a graceful ballerina until she was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. She has held on for 3 years since then, after doctors gave her months to live.

Ask Aaron Tay, who felt the effects of life’s unending blows since the age of 9. Tumours, kidney failure, a blood disorder: the list is endless.

Ask the Tan brothers, formerly soldiers with an outstanding record in participation of extreme endurance sports to the tune of 100 km. Today they are unable to walk a tenth of that distance unaided.


The common thing linking them – and countless other people – who had their lives turned upside down?

It was all so unexpected.

Life does as she wishes – not according to your wishes. When you see that reality, suddenly everything is set into place.


Final step: How to acquire perspective


Easy enough. Open your mind.


No Spoon

Opening your mind allows you to see that there is no spoon: it is your mind that bends


What did it for me?

I had a friend who died in a hotel room in Athens – at the age of 33. He was on a business trip when he suffered a massive heart attack. It was nearly 9 hours later when his body was found.

An outstanding lawyer who was about to wed that same year isn’t immune to life’s vagaries. So really, open your mind to the possibilities out there – both positive and negative – so that you know what exactly to do.

Insurance isn’t all that hard once you dismantle the excuse machine. Start your 2018 right, and we wish the best for you. aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.

Help us change the perspective of those around you. Show this article to them – you may just be able to make a profound change in their reality.

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