5 reasons why Insurance is sexier than Investment

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You hastily answer your phone as you stumbled past the gantry.
“Paiseh, MRT break down again. No, they never announce again. 3 more minute la! Ok, at BK!”
Ending the call quickly, you head for the agreed upon rendezvous point.

While trying to find the right direction, you spot something intriguing from the corner of your eye.
A sweet-looking young girl with a springy ponytail is standing at a booth.
Exactly your type.


sexy insurance

A little like her.


She meets your glance with a demure smile and jaunts over quickly.
“Hello there, I am Vivian. Do you know that over half of Singaporeans are under-insured and …”

You wave her off and pick up your pace.
Not another insurance sales person.
No time for that now.

Before you can reach the entrance to the mall, you are intercepted again!
Another pretty face with something different to offer.

“Hi there, would you like to know how to double your money with our investment plan?”

You stop and exclaim.
“Of course!”
Tommy and the lads can wait.
You have to know more about this lass and the attractive investment opportunity that she is offering.


Investment is hot. Insurance is not.


Almost everyone love investment.
For whatever reasons.

To fight the money-munching monster, inflation.
To be richer than Bill Gates.
And of course, to be able to afford plastic surgery for your teenage daughter.



So that she can look like one of these Koreans.


Insurance? Meh.
Already have it.
Don’t need it. Thank you.

However, in truth, most of us have gotten it wrong.
Insurance is as important as investment.
At least it is much sexier!


A better number multiplier (on occasions)


Let’s say you are a genius investor.
You are able to convert every investment into a profitable one.


Nice try, Bernie Madoff.

Nice try, Bernie


How long does it take for you to double or even triple your capital?
At least a year, at best.

However, insurance can do much better.
You can multiply your dollar by more than double from day 1.
Should the insured event occurs, the claim compensation is usually many times more than your output.

Don’t believe it?
Just go to our Compare section and compare your first-year premium with the sum assured.

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Of course, you do not wish to make a claim.
It can be said that insurance creates a win-win situation.
Either you get a huge payout or you are alive and kicking.
It is a wonderful situation to be in.


Barely any risk.


Bonds. Relatively safe.
Stocks. Reasonably risky.
Daily Leverage Certificates? I don’t know what they are but they sure sound dangerous.


Can't decide which one is better looking? Me neither.

Can’t decide which one is better looking? Me neither.


The point is, all investments carry risks.
A fair amount of it usually.
For those who have sleepless nights pondering over their money, insurance is a much safer option. You may not get rich from insurance but you sure as hell can sleep well with it.

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The only risk that you have to worry about is when insurance companies go bust.
However, that is also why insurance is better than investment.
Read the next point, boys and girls!


Better protection against default risk.


In Singapore, only some investments are protected by SDIC.
On the other hand, all insurances are.

Your money in local banks and financial companies are insured by the Deposit Insurance Scheme under SDIC.
That is for an aggregated amount of $50,000.
The same applies for your monies under the CPF Investment & Retirement Scheme.

For insurance, it is covered under Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme.
The calculations are pretty complex but you can be assured of $100,000 – $500,000 in total.
That is far better protection for your insurance than your investment.


If you want to address any Insurance coverage shortfalls on your own, check out FWD Insurance. They have a fully online and hassle free purchase experience.


Pay your bills.


Your investments may pay your bills if they are doing well.
However, there is no guarantee to that.
Compare that to an Integrated Shield plan.


sexier insurance

Hospitalisation insurance is sexy, not just cuz of the nurses.


An Integrated Shield Plan pays for your hospital bills.
In full, at that, if you have a rider.
No question asked and you get to keep your investment intact!

It takes a smart person to invest well.
However, the smartest thing you can do is to get a hospitalisation insurance.

Says who?
Says ClearlySurely.

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Guaranteed Returns.


There are guaranteed returns in most whole life and endowment policies upon maturity.
Usually, there is no such guarantee for investments.


If only they have them.

If only they have them.


With guaranteed money, it is easier to plan for future consumption.
This is rather important when you are intending to send your kids to university 20 years on.
With globalisation, your children are going to need at least a degree to compete for jobs.

You definitely do not want to disadvantage Junior by not being able to afford one for him or her
because of your investment failures.
It is a regret that most parents will find it hard to live with.


Investing in Insurance.


It may be hyperbole to say that insurance is sexier than investment.
Nonetheless, insurance is definitely worth prioritising over investments.
At the end of the day, both are required in financial planning to protect against unexpected events and to plan for a comfortable retirement.

Don’t neglect insurance just because investment sounds more attractive.
Insurance is actually sexier!

www.ClearlySurely.com aims to eradicate the knowledge gap between consumers and Life Insurance. Our Vision is that one day, every Man, Woman, and Child will be properly insured.


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