3 Tips to suggest Life Insurance to your Parents

Posted 4 February, 2016 by Clearly
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This holiday period is going to be a time of gathering, for sure. Its a time to reconnect and let the bonds of kinship grow stronger, and people to get to know each other a little better.

Among the perennial hot topics among relatives, would the usual: Do you have a girlfriend already? How is your job going? etc etc

But with your parents, the topics will shift to something more serious like career planning, overall goals in life and how you are progressing towards them. Once you get a little older, and begin to see the light, you might want to bring up the topic of Life Insurance – for them. Its definitely not an easy topic to bring up for some people, especially among the older folk, but it needn’t be a taboo one.

Because at the core of the matter, Life Insurance is about caring for the people around you and being responsible for them, things that only family will provide for each other.

Here are 3 tips to suggest Life Insurance to your Parents, who may not be adequately covered or unaware of their coverage status.


1. Do your homework ahead of time


Preparation is Key


You need to plan ahead and know exactly what is the message you want to get across to your parents, well ahead of time. This is help you get the conversation started far more easily. However once you bring up the topic, and yet sound confused or muddled about some aspects of Life Insurance, then the discussion can quickly fizzle out without any firm action or follow up plan.

Since you believe in Life Insurance, and presumably gotten enough for yourself already, you are then in a great position to talk about the various plans available, what riders can be potentially beneficial, and perhaps even recommend a good Insurance Agent to them. They may not keep up with the market and its development (say DPI Insurance), so being knowledgeable will go a long way to convincing them to take a closer look.

This way, you can kick start the curiosity about Life Insurance to your parents on an elementary level.


2. Its all about the timing



Timing is everything



Hitting upon the perfect timing doesn’t need to be stressful nor difficult. Once you are armed with the right information, then its just a matter of looking out for a quiet window of opportunity when its just you and your parents. Perhaps it is when the reunion dinner is complete, or when the kids have run off to play elsewhere. These are the times when the adult talks happen, so why not make it a constructive and beneficial one?

If you need to leave, and yet have not been able to bring the topic up, then it can just be a simple matter of mentioning to your parents that you might want to set some quiet time to speak with them alone. Let them know that you are thinking ahead, thinking of the future and want to know if they have any plans in place.


3. Keep it light



Puffpaws wants you to keep it light, just like her



Once you begin the conversation, just remember to keep it light and fluffy, just like how perfect omelettes are made. Life Insurance doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, or discussed in the same vein as politics and religion. Think of this as a learning opportunity – your parents have seen and done much more than you have, so perhaps it is they that can show you a perspective about Life Insurance you didn’t see before.

If they choose to get some coverage, you can even assist with the search (which is very likely since they trust you), and it becomes a great chance to bond with your parents.

Making sure that your parents are equally ready for the future is surely an important endeavor, and with the festive season coming up, this is as good a time as any to seize the opportunity. However, at the end of the day, do remember that this is an intensely personal matter, so do respect your parents decision if they choose not to have that discussion.

But at the end of the day, its all about caring for them and making sure that they are going to be secure and well taken care of, isn’t it?


Family matters


Happy CNY from all of us at ClearlySurely, and do let us know how your experience turns out in the comments below!

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