Budget 2023: Forget about Lawrence Wong’s Valentine’s Day disappointment. You deserve something far better

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2023 has barely begun and Financial Anxiety is already reaching fever pitch.

Mortgage rates are rising like a balloon on a windless day, and scores of home owners and tenants are feeling the pinch of ever increasing monthly payments and rental fees. Foreclosures are surging too, in case the picture isn’t bleak enough.

Stemming from the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates (450 basis points since March 2022 till now) to combat runaway inflation, there seems to be no end of the bad news.

Tech giants are mercilessly slashing jobs and perks to tame their excessive spending habits during the years of easy credit.

Sometimes the world forgets that I dont have everything under control


And closer to home, GST has hiked by yet another 1%, but it feels like inflation is far, far greater than that.

Even the International Monetary Fund is not optimistic about our growth this year, projecting it at 1.5%, which less than half of what we acheived in 2022.

Against this financial storm, what have we to arm ourselves with?


The Singapore government is doing its part, with the Assurance Package from 2022 and also for Budget 2023 – but face it, its meant to help the lower income bracket groups in Singapore, which statistically excludes you.

Why not take your Financial Security into your own hands instead of depending on a government handout?

Clearly Surely is here to let you take control. Just read on.


What is Clearly Surely?


It is a platform where users like yourself can embark on a Financial Discovery Journey.

We ask guiding questions about your own personal financial situation, your likes and preferences, and your existing coverages. This helps you understand where you are financially, to make a better decisions on what to do next.

During this journey of self-discovery, we’ve provided various hypothetical scenarios to see how each user stands up to various “stress tests”, by using the actual data gathered.

Underlying all of this is an entire framework of gamification features that make the experience even more enjoyable, like special achievements and referral benefits.

You have to use it for a truly refreshing experience!


With a tagline like this… you know its gonna be different this time


Here’s what to expect (and receive) throughout the journey.




The platform consists of insightful questions that help you paint a clear picture of where you stand financially, what your obligations are, and how long they are expected to last.

With that, you can also upload your existing insurance policies to see exactly what your coverages are, and if they match up to your needs and expectations.

You also get to know more about yourself as a person, how financially literate you are, and what your goals and driving forces are.


Protection Shortfall Analysis


Once you have a clear picture, we then help you understand how well do you stand up to some common Financial shocks and setbacks like:

Premature death – do your dependents have enough to carry on to fund their lifestyle?

Critical Illness – can you afford to take the years necessary for recuperation, without having to worry about income?

Sudden Retrenchment – how long can your cash reserves last if you are let go without warning?

Tackling some of life’s what ifs… it really makes you think


With this, you can have an unbiased view of: Can I withstand financial shocks well enough? Or have I just been sweeping the problems underneath the proverbial rug?


Working with the best Financial Planners in the industry


Once you have completed the Financial Discovery Journey, that’s where the best value is yet to come: you get a choice to work with the best Financial Planners in the industry to solve your financial worries.

Be it about addressing protection shortfalls, retirement planning, tax optimization, or even investment portfolio management, our partners are professionals who can help with all aspects of the wealth management cycle.

You are in a better position to engage them because you already have an insight into your finances, and this leads to a more constructive conversation that better suits your needs.


Completion Gifts and … Cash Rebates


We deliberately saved the best for last.

Because you did the work to complete your Financial Discovery Journey and took positive action with our industry partners, you are entitled to our completion gifts and cash rebates.

When you meet with our Industry partners, you receive:

– A Clearly Surely Lanyard (Worth $8.60)
– A Limited Edition Candy the Corgi Enamel Pin (Worth $12.80)
– Two really cute stickers (for Street Cred)
– A hand written thank you card from us (Priceless)

Cool Merch up for grabs


And when you take up solutions from our Industry partners, you are eligible for:

– Cash rebates (Depending on plan type and premium amount)


These cash rebates are on top any promotions that are offered by the insurers – so you know that this is the best possible deal you can get in Singapore.


When it rains, it pours


Read more in detail about the perks here


Life Insurance made f*cking fun: Say hi to Clearly Surely’s Financial Discovery Platform [4 of 7]


And now, grab this unfair advantage while it lasts


From now till 14th March 2023, the first 100 users that complete our Financial Discovery journey will be given an additional 500 CS Gems.

Every CS Gem has a notional value of $1 each, and can be used to be exchanged for cash rebates when you purchase solutions from our industry partners. Gems have no expiry date and can be utilized anytime, even for subsequent purchases in the years ahead.

Since an average user accumulates over 1,000 CS Gems in the first place, imagine having an additional $1,500 in cash rebates at your disposal as you secure your financial future.

Now that is an unfair advantage if there ever was one.

Enough said, click on the banner below to sign up for free.


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