Life Insurance made f*cking fun

(What's missing is only U)
  • You know Life Insurance is important.
  • You want to be in full control of the financial discovery process.
  • And you want to enjoy that journey.
  • This is where we come in.

In essence, an enormously fun
financial discovery journey

We are a platform that walks our users through a financial discovery journey.

We exchange information with you – by asking you some crazily entertaining questions and sharing personal finance tips, statistics, and insurance knowledge in return.
We help you have a complete view of your finances, current insurance plans and see how well you weather certain financial storms.
This journey will culminate with you having total clarity on your financial situations and needs – so you have full confidence to make the right financial decisions and purchases.

You always have full control over the entire process:

01 Answer at your own pace.
02 Learn at your own pace.
03 Share at your own pace.
And when you see the need – own the right products at your own pace.
And because you did most of the hard work, we rebate you with each purchase – in warm, fuzzy cash. To be used as you see fit.
This is how we bring down the cost of financial products – which could lead to a fundamental change in how things are done in this industry in the future. By using our platform, you are helping yourself – and the entire industry as well. Talk about a noble goal!
Our initial launch
People that secured proper coverage because of our efforts
People who benefited from our comparison function
Life Insurance articles written
We're only getting started.
We started in 2015 as a humble education site for Life Insurance. We let users compare Life Insurance policies at a time where it was unheard of, because of the complexity involved.

Gradually we made a name for ourselves with our blog and became an unassuming authority for Life Insurance.

Insurers and Associations approached us to review / critique their products, campaigns, and initiatives. These include:

01 Life Insurance Association of Singapore (LIA)
02 General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA)
03 AIA
04 Aviva
05 AXA
06 FWD Singapore
07 Manulife
08 NTUC Income
09 Prudential
Over the years we learnt, experimented, and cut our teeth in this niche market out there.
Our accumulated capabilities led us to this this new platform that you see here today. It encapsulates our philosophy, spirit, and distills all our experience into a neat little package.
Start your financial discovery journey here
Yi Sheng
Founder, dog lover, and loves to ignore his co-founder.
Founder, prefers cats to his co-founder.
We want our users to be crystal clear and sure about their Life Insurance needs. (hence Clearly Surely!)
For now and forevermore, we will make financial discovery a fun and easy process to undergo. Each time you use our site, you will always leave with more knowledge and more choices, along with a smile.
That is our sincere promise to you.